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Jun 03

What is an Unlocked Phone and How to Unlock a Phone for Free

Do you consider switching your cell phone carrier? If yes and your phone is still a locked one, you will need to unlock your phone first. Locked phones are the phones that locked to a certain phone carrier, usually the one you purchase your phone with. If you buy directly from a phone carrier, you …

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Apr 12

Breathe New Life Into Your Phone

credit: lynnefeatherstone

There are few things better in life than having a top quality phone by your side. This is why so many people now spend a fortune on constantly updating the model they use. However, if you can’t afford to do that – or simply don’t see the sense in doing it – then there are …

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Apr 06

How Do You Use Your Phone?


From a quick survey of friends and family it seems that we all use our phones in different ways. I have taken the results of my research and divided the types of use into the following categories: People Who Call Ok, so it might seem obvious that your phone is for calling people but we …

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Mar 31

Why Phone and Free Phone Unlocking Have Become So Important


I read a story the other day which really got me thinking. A guy who lives in England says that he keeps getting text messages from his wife. The only problem is that she died 8 years ago. The lady in question was a phone fanatic and, like so many of us these days, took …

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Mar 30

The Days Before Cell Phones and Free Unlock Codes

Anthony Arrigo @ Flickr

My phone broke the other day when my little girl decided that throwing it on the ground and pouring all of her milk on it seemed like quite a good way to spend a few minutes of her time. This meant that as well as having to go out and buy more milk (and clean …

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