Mar 31

Why Phone and Free Phone Unlocking Have Become So Important

I read a story the other day which really got me thinking. A guy who lives in England says that he keeps getting text messages from his wife. The only problem is that she died 8 years ago.

The lady in question was a phone fanatic and, like so many of us these days, took her phone with her everywhere. She was buried with her phone when she passed away unexpectedly and her husband now says that he receives messages – with no number – saying things which only his late wife could know.

As I say, this story got me thinking and it showed me just how important phones have become to us now. Not so long ago people talked about hearing voices or seeing spirits but now we get ghostly text messages. Behind the sad story of the death of this man’s wife we can see that cell phones are now without a shadow of a doubt among the most important things in our life.

Who Doesn’t Own a Phone Now?

How many people do you now know who don’t have a cell phone? When they first became popular many of the older section of the population didn’t have one but now more mature people have generally owned one for a number of years and keep on using it.

This reliance on mobile communication is what has made free cell phone unlock codes so important. Now that we use our phones for so much we want to take them everywhere with us as well. The problem is that when your phone is locked to an individual network you are severely restricted in what you can do with it when you travel.

Because of this, free phone unlock codes have become amazingly popular in the last couple of years. As words continue to spread about how easy it is to do this more and more people realize that it is completely safe and legal so we will find that the number of phone owners looking for these codes keeps on increasing.

More Free Codes = More Phone Use = More Free Codes

The knock on effect will be that we can now use our phones even more. For example, going abroad and sticking in a local SIM card will allow us to make cheap phone calls which we couldn’t do before. The circle will continue until everyone who is a serious phone user will have an unlocked cell phone they can do with as they please.

If we can go back for a second to the story of the guy who receives mysterious text messages, I don’t have a clue whether he is telling the truth or not. However, it seems that in some way he feels that these messages help him maintain his connection with a wife who died a few years ago. It isn’t really a conventional use of mobile phone technology but who said that we all need to use them in the same way anyway?

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