Apr 12

Breathe New Life Into Your Phone

There are few things better in life than having a top quality phone by your side. This is why so many people now spend a fortune on constantly updating the model they use. However, if you can’t afford to do that – or simply don’t see the sense in doing it – then there are some alternative methods of betting a better phone which don’t cost so much.

Get Some Apps

credit: lynnefeatherstone

If you have a smart phone then you probably had a look for some applications for it when you first got it. If you haven’t gone back to have a look for some more recently then you could be in for a big surprise. This is an industry which moves so quickly that exciting new ones are released just about every day. You will need to set aside a couple of house if you want to really delve into the market place and choose the best ones for your phone but it will be well worth it.

Update the Software

Are you running your phone on the very latest version of the software? If you haven’t checked this for a while then have a quick look online and see whether there is a new one for you to download. This should be free to do and while it might not give you any major benefits it could freshen up your cell phone nicely.

Improve the Battery and Settings

If you have an older phone you might find that the battery lets you down at crucial moments. Spending a few minutes adjusting the phone’s settings can be enough to help the battery life last a lot longer. While you are at it, it is worth seeing if there are any other tweaks to the settings which might be of benefit to you.

Get a Better Reception

You will find some tips on the internet for getting a better reception if you have problems with dropped calls. Most of the advice is just good common sense stuff but one idea you might like to try is buying a wireless repeater. This would probably only be worthwhile if you have serious reception problems but it would certainly be better than continually buying new phones if you constantly have problems with your calls.

Get Free Unlock Codes  

I have saved the best one until last, and it is so easy to do that you should definitely consider it. By looking online for free cell phone unlock codes you can switch to another network provider and even use it abroad using a local SIM card. This is incredibly simple to do and that is one of the reasons why thousands of phone users all over the world are doing it every month. Some sites will ask you to pay for the privilege of getting your cell phone unlocked but you can also find free unlock codes if you look carefully online.

Can we unlock your phone? Start here!

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