Apr 06

How Do You Use Your Phone?

From a quick survey of friends and family it seems that we all use our phones in different ways. I have taken the results of my research and divided the types of use into the following categories:

People Who Call

Ok, so it might seem obvious that your phone is for calling people but we don’t all use it for that. In my admittedly rather modest sample I found that older cell phone users tended to make more phone calls, while the younger ones hardly made any.

credit: moresatisfyingphotos.com

People Who Text

So where do we find those phone owners who don’t make a lot of phone calls? Well, a lot of them prefer to send text message instead. This is definitely true of younger phone users, many of whom get through a staggering amount of texts in a days.

To Play Games

This is a relatively new use for a phone but it is amazing how many people now get caught up with the likes of Angry Birds. It is certainly a far cry from the first phones I ever owned, where you were lucky to get annoying snake game on it. Cell phones are actually fantastic for using as mobile gaming centres and there are lots of top games around now – with many of them free.

To Listen to Music

I fall into this category but I don’t get the chance to listen to my favourite songs songs all day – unfortunately. Instead, I have downloaded a lot of lullabies and my little girl listens to them as she sleeps. It seems towork a treat and I could soon have the world’s biggest mobile lullaby collection on it.

If we look at these main categories – and I am sure there are a few more out there – we can see the importance of phones to all of us now. This leads me on to the next topic, which is free phone unlock codes. As we have become so dependent upon our phones it is clear that we now need to take our phones everywhere with us.

My little girl’s lullaby music can be accessed anywhere in the world but what if you want to make a call from a foreign country? With these free cell phone unlock codes you can free it from the current network and then simply put in a foreign SIM card when you are travelling.

This means that you can also switch network providers at home if you want to. Overall, the use of free unlocking codes has given us a great deal more flexibility in how we use our mobile devices. It is also so easy to do and so completely safe that anyone can do it in a matter of minutes.

The use of free unlock codes won’t affect your phone in any other way, so you can keep listening to lullabies, playing that snake game or doing whatever you do. It will also stay unlocked even if you decide to update the software at some point.

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