Mar 30

The Days Before Cell Phones and Free Unlock Codes

My phone broke the other day when my little girl decided that throwing it on the ground and pouring all of her milk on it seemed like quite a good way to spend a few minutes of her time.

This meant that as well as having to go out and buy more milk (and clean the floor) I also had to get to the phone repair store in double quick time. The guy who works there obviously saw that I was a bit nervous and was quick to assure me that the phone could be saved and that he would get it back to me in 24 hours. 24 hours! That’s a whole day, isn’t it? What was I going to do without my phone for a whole day?

This little incident got me thinking about a couple of things. Firstly, I need to get my daughter one of those spill proof cups with a lid on it. The other point is that I don’t have the faintest idea what we did before cell phones became so popular.

Anthony Arrigo @ Flickr

Wet, Cold and no Blooming Phone

I lived a few years of my life without carrying any sort of phone around with me but what did I do to get hold of people, to make last minute plans and to generally live a full and happy life? I definitely remember trying to find a working phone booth on more than a few occasions. I also recall standing in the pouring rain and freezing cold all alone at a big sports game because my friend didn’t have any way of getting in touch to tell me that he couldn’t make it to be miserable there with me.

Of course those days are long gone now and not only do we have amazing pieces of technology which add a lot to our lives; we  can also use free unlock codes to use them with any network. This takes me onto another point about the days when we were all resigned to sticking with the one network provider or throwing away the phone.

When I got hold of my first ever cell phone the idea of free unlock phone codes would have seemed impossible. In fact, it probably was impossible before the arrival of the internet and the widespread use of it we see today. Incredibly (or at least it seems incredible to me), it only takes a few minutes and no technical skills at all to unlock a phone and have it ready to use on any network anywhere in the world.

Clearly the arrival of these free cell phone unlock codes on the internet has led to a revolution in the way we use our phones, in the same way that the advent of cell phones changed the way we communicate forever. The idea of standing in the pouring rain and having absolutely no way of contacting my friend now seems really old fashioned and before long the thought of being stuck with the one network provider will also seem like an out of date idea.

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