Mar 28

Traveling to Europe with your Present Cell Phone ? Beware!

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There a thousand of horrifying stories of International Cell phone and Data usage Bills while traveling abroad. When I returned home from a month in Europe, I got a scary surprise of $700 bill from AT&T. These are usual for example the story of a family who was billed $19,370.

After hearing tales like this from more than dozens of travelers, it’s obvious that most travelers have no idea how high international roaming charges really are and the U.S. cell phone carriers like it that way. Let’s see what alternatives we have for communicating abroad.

The most cost effective & practical solution of the problem is the International Cell Phone Rentals from RebelFone. Rent a SIM Card for your unlocked Global Cell Phone or Rent a Unlocked Cell Phone with a pre-activated SIM from Rebelfone for all your International Travel to save yourself from the massive roaming charges. Rebelfone Inc. a US Based firm provided rental solutions to Global travelers around the world.

Europe Cell Phone Rental from Rebelfone at $1/Day, offers you Free incoming while in UK, One solution for 44 Countries in EU, Fixed & Lowest call cost back home (US), No Commitment, Monthly itemized billing, Delivery in advance of your trip, 24 x 7 Global Support, No contracts, extend services length, Voice-mail among others. Getting a rental for a short business or leisure is a practical solution to get rid of massive roaming charges.

You can rent a cell phone through an fast and easy online transaction, the rental would reach your desired location before your planned trip. There is not network limitation, just simple GSM unlocked cell phone with different cell phone models that are near to your heart.

With your lovely cell phone model call to national calls and US calls at fixed and lowest prices.

Be A Rebel!

Save UPTO 40% ON Europe SIM Card or Europe Cell Phone Rental. Don’t forget to get more offer On Europe SIM Card.

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Andrew Clark has experience of 20 years in industries of telecommunication. He is known expert in telecommunication industry and also perfect to know flow about industries. He guided to many companies, lead them and reached them at their goal.


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