Mar 15

Sort Out Your Phone before Travelling

If you are just about to go on a trip abroad then you must be looking forward to it. Seeing a foreign country is one of the most exciting things you can do and you are sure to have a great time and come back having learned something new.

When it comes to the practical issues of travelling a lot of people now wonder what they should do to get the most out of their phone while they are away. Unless you are going somewhere really remote then you will have plenty of chances to take advantage of it, so let’s look at free cell phone unlocking and a few other ideas to make sure that it is ready to use.

Free Up Some Memory

You don’t want to find yourself standing on the Great Wall of China or outside the Vatican and then realise that you can’t take that once in a lifetime photo because your memory is full. One option is to download everything non urgent onto your PC. You can always put it back on when you get back home. Another idea is to buy a new memory card specifically for your trip. Either way of doing things is fine.

Check Your Numbers

How many incorrect phone numbers have you got on your phone? If you are anything like most of us then there are quite a few on there which aren’t right. This isn’t a big problem in normal life, as you can get in touch with friends and relatives in other ways. However, if you are going to be on the other side of the world then you really don’t want that to be the moment when you find out that you have an old phone number for someone you need to speak to. This is a great time to clean out old numbers and store any ones which you have been meaning to note for some time.

Get Some Apps

If you are lucky enough to have a smart phone then there are some great things you can do with this abroad. The apps you could download include language teachers, maps, travel guides and brilliant augmented reality ones. It is worth taking maybe an hour to look at the online market places and see which ones might be of interest to you. A lot of them are free and plenty of the others don’t cost much at all.

Get It Unlocked

Free cell phone unlocking is a wonderful idea which will let you call home cheaply. It is a simple and completely legal process which you can do quickly online. Even if you are planning to get away from things for a while and don’t intend to phone home you can still take advantage of the opportunity to travel with a phone which will let you call home in an emergency without costing you a fortune. If you don’t do this you will be at the mercy of expensive public phones which are also pretty scarce in some places nowadays as well. An unlocked cell phone will be a much better bet for you.

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