Jun 09

How to Unlock Blackberry 8520 with Unlock Code?

Unlocking a Blackberry Curve 8520 phone is free and easy. By unlocking your Blackberry Curve 8520 phone you will be able to use your Blackberry Curve with any phone carrier network as long as they are a GSM carrier. Before you can unlock your Blackberry Curve 8520 you will need an unlock code.

If you search in google you will see many websites providing free Unlock codes, but all these codes are not genuine. By entering the wrong code, you will loose the number of attempts to unlock the phone. The maximum number of attempts to enter the MEP2 code is TEN. Always remember ” There is no free lunch” So the best way to unlock your Blackberry is to buy unlock codes from a trusted vendor.
Search internet for mobile phone unlocking websites. You will come across a thousand websites who can do this. Choose which ever you like. Do look for price comparisons and the unlocking instructions.
Recheck the Model number- Network to which your phone is locked to and the IMEI number before placing an order. If you made any mistakes in these details these people will never give you a refund!!
One more thing, before placing an order ask them about the conditions for getting a full refund in the case of a code failure! Think and make a wise decision. I have personally bought the code for my Blackberry 8520 from freeunlocks.com. It is because they have good reviews on most of the mobile phone forums. I got my phone unlocked successfully from that website. I think their codes don’t fail. The web link for the above mentioned web site is http://freeunlocks.com/

Choose your phone model from the dropdown menu below, then click “Unlock Now” to begin with your easy free unlock code!

Instructions for unlocking Blackberry 8520 from FreeUnlocks.com

1. Ensure a SIM Card is inserted

2. Go to ‘Manage Connections’

3. Click on ‘Turn All Connections Off’

4. Go to ‘Options’

5. Click on ‘Advanced Options’

6. Click on ‘SIM Card’

7. Type ‘MEPD’ (letters will not appear on-screen but a menu will pop up.)

8. Type ‘MEP2’ (user will be prompted to enter MEP code)

9. Enter the MEP2 code (CONFIRM you get “Code Accepted” message)

i. *If you also have a MEP4 code, type ‘MEP4’ (you will be prompted to enter MEP code)
ii. Enter the MEP4 code (CONFIRM you get “Code Accepted” message)

10. Reboot device

11. Go to ‘Manage Connections’

12. Click on ‘Restore Connections’

13. Device is now unlocked

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