Aug 04

How to Install iOS 8 Beta 5 on your Apple Device

iOS 8 Beta 5 has been released today on August, 4 of this year and made us a few steps closer to the release of the final iOS 8 operating system. If you want to install iOS 8 Beta 5, visit Apple website. The fifth Beta version is currently available for the download.

A few changes and improvements took place in iOS 8 Beta. One of the most exciting iOS 8 Beta 5 features is found in the Maps app. Now if you click on any restaurant, café and etc. on the Maps, the detailed information about a restaurant, such as a physical address, the website, Yelp score and etc. will be automatically sent to the Recents List on your iPhone. This feature is especially useful to the users who are new to the area and want to discover fine dining locations and entertainment spots.

Other iOS 8 Beta 5 features include:
1. Bigger Thai system font
2. Spirometry tests are added into the Health app
3. SMS Relay feature is now properly working
4. “Last Updated” Notification in the Photos allow users to know when the last time their photos were synched
5. New iCloud icons are added
6. The feature that allow to toggle on a predictive text has been added
7. You can now change the Brightness of your screen by visiting the Display and Brightness section in the Settings
8. AVCapture has been fixed and fully functional now

We will add more features once we learn about them. If you know about some other great iOS 8 Beta 5 features, let us know in the comments.

iOS 8 Beta 6 will be likely released at the end of this month and we are all looking forward to this release.
We hope you are already enjoying iOS 8 Beta 6 on your Apple device. However, if you have not installed iOS 8 Beta 5 due to the lack of UDID registration, we recommend visiting our friends’ website UDiDFree.com, where you can register your UDID free of charge. UDID activation is the first important step towards installing iOS 8 Beta 5 on your device. Without registering your UDID first, you might experience troubles while installing iOS 8 Beta 5.

If you are ready to register your UDID for free, go to UDiDFree.com and choose to register UDID right away. Once you have done so, you will be redirected to the page where you will need to complete any free offer by TrialPay merchants. After the successful completion of any TrialPay service or product offer, UDiDFree.com will send to you the link to the detailed guide explaining how to register UDID for free and upgrade to iOS 8 Beta 5.

After you register UDID, it is registered for life and you will have no problems installing any Beta versions on your Apple device.

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