Mar 13

Cellular One Phone – One of the best cellular phone providers

Millions of people around the world own a cellular phone. It is a low-powered, lightweight radio transceiver that provides voice telephone and other services to mobile users.

Nowadays, a new generation of services for cellular phones includes videoconferencing and Internet access with the ability to send e-mail. Some are almost just the same with a portable personal computer.

Cellular phones primarily operate like portable or cordless telephones. However, unlike conventional wire-based cordless phones, these cellular phones are completely portable and do not require proximity to a jack to access the wire-based networks operated by local telephone companies.

With the fast development of cellular phones, cellular phone manufacturer still creating new and develop cellular phones that are in demand to the users.

Cellular One Phone is one of the large cellular phone companies providing wireless services. Actually it is not just a company but cooperation between more than 20 smaller wireless providers around the country. They are united under the brand “Cellular One”, and had established certain standards adhered to by all participants.

The customer will, however, not notice any difference. They will receive their coverage regardless of which entity that provides it. This company has as many as 32 million customers that make it as one of the largest service provider in the US.

Cellular One provides coverage in 42 different states plus Puerto Rico, Bermuda and in the Caribbean. Since this service provider uses antennas with a limited reach, they usually focus on cities or densely populated areas.

It means that even though Cellular One provides service to 42 states, it doesn’t mean that the entire state is covered. This carrier offers a wide range of different plans, and to find the best one you have to assess your needs.

You can choose local plan if you’re just using your cellular phone at home or your just around in your local area. However, if you are traveling the cost is quite expensive because of roaming. In such case a plan with for example a national rate might be to prefer.

In many instances a local plan can cover areas in multiple states though, so you should check this before making your decision.

You can also sign up with Cellular One on the internet, you can do it through their website or one of their numerous resellers. There are many websites out there where you can get a free cellular phone with different plans. Things to look for are free shipping, money back guarantees and free accessories.

In fact Cellular One introduces today, Quicklink Mobile Wireless Internet Services. The innovative new technology allows wireless telephone users to link a laptop computer to Cellular One’s wireless network via a special wireless PC card and access e-mails, upload and download files, and surf the web without being plugged into a network or modem line connection.

The new technology, that gives Cellular One customers the freedom to access the Internet at high speeds, is made possible thanks to a multi-million dollar overlay of EDGE technology that provides faster data transfer over a wireless network. An EDGE-equipped handset makes surfing the web, buying ring tones or checking the latest stock quotes faster. A variety of EDGE-equipped phones are available from Cellular One, including the Nokia 6200 and 68.

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