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How to Unlock your Verizon Blackberry Bold 9650

The BlackBerry Bold 9650 can be unlocked and used with any GSM-based cellular carrier.

Note: You will need to purchase an unlock code before beginning this procedure. Unlock codes are available HERE.


There are a variety of BlackBerry smartphone models now available from numerous carriers around the world.

All BlackBerry Bold 9650 smartphones purchased in the United States will be locked to a CDMA carrier when purchased fromVerizon or Sprint.  In order to use AT&T or T-mobile, you will need to unlock your Blackberry Bold.

The cellphone unlocking procedure is especially useful for those traveling overseas. Overseas rates can cost up to $2 per minute. By unlocking your cell phone, you can purchase a SIM card while traveling in another country and only pay local rates for calls.

Below are the step by step instructions on how to unlock your Blackberry Bold 9650 for use with any GSM-based carrier. Once unlocked, you will be able to use any SIM card in the United States or overseas.

Before you begin, you must first purchase an unlock code for your particular Blackberry. You will need your phone’s IMEI in order to purchase this code.

Instructions for obtaining IMEI:

Go to Options
Go to Status
15 digit IMEI is displayed on this screen

Once you have your phone’s IMEI number, you can purchase your unlock code. Now you are ready to unlock your Blackberry 9650 Bold.


Before beginning, go to Manage Connections, and “Turn all Connections Off” so that you are no longer online.


Instructions for unlocking:

Click on Options or Settings
Click on Advanced Options
Click on SIM Card.
Type in “mepd” (you will not see what you are typing, so type carefully.)
The personalization screen should appear next. If it does not, then type MEPD in all caps.
Once the personalization screen appears, the line for “Network” should say “Active” which means the phone is locked.
Next type mepd alt 2 (again you will not see what you’re typing so type slowly)
A small box will appear for you to type in the Network MEP Code or unlock code. Type the unlock code into the blank and then press OK.
The personalization screen will reappear and the Network will show as “Inactive” which means the phone is now unlocked.

10.  Turn the phone over and remove the battery. Replace the SIM card with the new one.

11.  Reinstall the battery and reboot the phone.


Note: Once your Blackberry 9650 Bold has been unlocked, you will need to remove the battery, replace the SIM card and then replace the battery and reboot the phone.


In order for the cell phone unlocking to take effect, the phone battery must be removed and the phone restarted.


Now your Blackberry 9650 Bold is unlocked which means you can use a SIM card from any phone carrier in the United States or worldwide.

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    Does my Blackberry Bold have to be active to unlock it?

  2. Lisa Lewis

    Thank you

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