Jul 11

Free UDID Activation with Free iOS 7 Beta 2

If you do not want to spend a dime on UDID registration of your Apple device, visit our friends at UDiDFree.com. UDiDFree.com can take care of the registration of your UDID absolutely free of charge. To register your device’s UDID you are just required to complete one offer provided by the site’s partner TrialPay and know your device’s UDID.

UDID is a 40 character alphanumeric number that is absolutely unique for each Apple device and used primarily for the device’s identification. If you do not know your device’s UDID yet, you can get it by syncing it with iTunes or by downloading one of many UDID applications available on today’s market.

Once you know your device’s UDID the next step is to complete one free or paid offer by TrialPay. TrialPay is an international offer e-commerce platform that has partnered with many vendors worldwide to bring free products to its consumers for the completion of its merchants’ offers. You can select to complete any offer you like. Once you complete one offer, your device’s UDID will be automatically registered with Apple’s developer account while you download iOS 7 Beta 2.

If you have not upgraded to iOS 7 Beta 2 yet, check it out. iOS 7 Beta 2 offers awesome features such as Voice Memos, new Welcome screen, Siri with a male voice, Find My Phone setting, iCloud backup and many others. And, the best part is that our friends at UDiDFree.com offer a free download of iOS 7 Beta 2.

The registration process of UDID at UDiDFree.com is easy, quick and as we mentioned above, absolutely FREE of charge. Anyone with a computer connected to the Internet can register her or his UDID at UDiDFree.com.

UDiDFree.com can also take care of unlocking your iPhone. Unlocked phones increase the monetary value of a phone and give its owner the freedom to pick any mobile provider available in his or her area.

Can we unlock your phone? Start here!

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