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Five Benefits of Unlocked Phones and How to Unlock a Cell Phone for Free

The majority of phones that people buy are locked to one specific carrier’s network, for instance AT&T or T-Mobile. It is more locked phones on the market because network providers do not want their customers to switch to a different carrier anytime they want. Thus, to keep customers, network providers partially pay for your phone and in order to get their investment back they make you enter into a 2 year contract with them. However, now you have an option to buy an unlocked phone that will work with any phone carrier or if you already have a phone that happens to be locked, you can unlock your phone at FreeUnlocks.com.

The benefits of using an unlocked phone are very considerable.

First, unlocked phones are not tied to any specific carrier and will work on any GSM cellular network by using SIM cards. Simply purchase a SIM card from any GSM carrier, insert it into your phone and your unlocked phone will work with the carrier you have chosen. Any SIM card can be inserted into your phone. So if you are outside of your home country, just use a local SIM card.

Second, unlocked phones offer cheaper rates if you travel abroad. If you are a vivid traveler or have to take a few business trips in a year to the foreign countries, having an unlocked phone might save you quite a few bucks. For instance, if you usually make a lot of phone calls while you are abroad, using a local pre-paid SIM card will help you to avoid high international roaming charges from your network provider. Furthermore, if you need to travel to multiple countries for the same business trip, you might consider international roaming SIM cards with cheaper than your provider’s roaming rates. It will help to avoid buying a new SIM card for each country you visit. On the other hand, if you just need to keep in touch with your family and friends and have no intentions or necessity to make many phone calls, it might be the best to keep your original SIM card. In this case you won’t need to update everyone on your temporary new phone number. And, finally, if you are a travel guru and spend more time abroad than home, a phone with dual SIM cards is the perfect option for you. Dual SIM cards cell phones let users keep two SIM cards in the same unlocked phone. Thus, you can insert into your phone both your original SIM card and the SIM card of a country you are travelling to. So, now you can answer phone calls from your family using your SIM card and enjoy the low rates of your local SIM card every time you make a call.

Third, when you buy a phone with a plan from a carrier, you usually pay less for the phone. The price is lower because the full cost of your phone is subsidized by the monthly payments to your network provider over the months of your contract. However, an unlocked phone is cheaper in a long run. With an unlocked phone you can switch to any carrier you want as many times as you want. Thus, you can significantly save on your monthly payments by choosing a less expensive carrier. Unlocked phones offer a great deal of flexibility that locked phones simply do not have.

Fourth, when you buy a locked phone through your carrier, often your phone options are limited. For instance, for a long time T-Mobile did not offer iPhones and you cannot buy SonyEricsson phones with every phone provider. However, with unlocked phones, your options are unlimited. You can buy any GSM cell phone and use it with any provider of your choice.

Fifth, unlocked phones cost more than the same locked phones. Thus, you can always sell your unlocked phone at 30-40% higher price than the identical locked cell phone.

Thus, if you want to unlock your cell phone, you have two options. First, you can request an unlock code from your carrier provider. However, not all carrier providers grant your request and provide you with an unlock code. Second, you can unlock your cell phone using phone unlocking service like FreeUnlocks.com. FreeUnlocks.com is one of the biggest and the most reliable unlocking services currently available on the market.

We have been in the business unlocking mobile phones for the past 5 years and have unlocked well over 71,500 cell phones. We offer safe, permanent, legal and fast phone unlocks. When you unlock your phone with us, you do not have to send your phone to a service center. All our phone unlock codes are remotely generated. In order to unlock your mobile phone at FreeUnlocks.com all you need is to know your phone’s IMEI code, your cell phone’s brand and model, the country you currently reside in and the phone carrier your phone is locked to.

At FreeUnlocks.com you can unlock almost any phone. If you do not see your phone’s brand and model on our page, please still get in touch with us. In most cases we are still able to unlock your phone even if it is not listed on our website.

At FreeUnlocks.com you have two options. First, you can unlock your phone by paying a reasonable fee for an unlock code. And, second, you can unlock a mobile phone for free by using our partner TrialPay service. TrialPay is one of the widely recognized e-commerce websites that uses “Get it Free” model. When you complete any TrialPay offer provided by TrialPay participating merchants, you will get a free product or service. In our case you will get a free unlock code. TrialPay will pay for your code and we will generate it for you. Right after your code has been generated – it usually takes 15-25 minutes, but it may take up to 48 hours- we will send an order confirmation email to you with a SIM network unlock Pin and the guide on how to unlock a mobile phone free and easily.

After you have received your code, simply enter it into your device and it will be unlocked. Once your phone is unlocked, you can immediately use it with any network provider in the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Unlock your cell phone at FreeUnlocks.com today!

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