May 18

A Comprehensive Guide to Unlocking Any Sony Xperia Phones!

Are you currently facing the frustrating issue of a locked Sony Xperia phone? If so, you’re not alone. Many users have experienced this problem and it can be quite a hassle to deal with. Fortunately, there are solutions available that can help you unlock your device and regain access to all of your important data and apps. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the common causes of a locked Sony Xperia phone and provide tips on how to unlock it. So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to the frustration of a locked phone, keep reading!

What does it mean when a Sony Xperia device is locked?

If you’re wondering what it means when your Sony Xperia phone is locked, we’ve got you covered. Essentially, a locked phone can only be used with the service provider that you originally purchased the phone from. This can be frustrating if you want to switch providers or use your phone while traveling internationally. 

Have you ever wondered what happens to your locked phone when your contract with your provider ends? Well, let me tell you that even if you have paid your phone in full, it will not automatically become unlocked. This means that you will still be tied to your current provider and unable to switch to a different one without unlocking your phone first.

Why Unlock Sony Xperia Phone?

Unlock Sony Xperia phone can be a great way to gain more control over your device. But before we get into the details of how to unlock your phone, let’s first explore some of the reasons why you might want to do so. In this blog post, we will explore a few reasons for a particular topic. Stay tuned to discover the insights.

  1. Switch carriers

If you have a problem with your current carrier’s service or pricing, you may wish to transfer to one that better meets your requirements.

  1. Travel abroad

Unlock sony xperia phone will allow you to use a local SIM card and avoid expensive roaming fees if you plan to travel abroad.

  1. Increase Resale Value

If you want to increase the value of your phone, make it carrier independent. This will immediately increase the value of your phone should you ever decide to sell it.

How to Unlock Sony Xperia Phone?

To unlock Sony Xperia mobile phone, simply follow to the instructions provided below.

  1. Check your SIM lock status by dialing *#*#7378423#*#*
  2. Choose Service info then Sim lock.
  3. Confirm if your Sony Xperia phone is eligible for the service.
  • There should be an “X” before Network and the counter should show number above 0 (zero). The number beside Network indicates how many attempts you have to unlock the phone. If it says ‘7’ it means you have seven attempts; ‘0’ simply means it is hard locked and cannot be unlocked using this method.
  1. Find the IMEI number by dialing *#06#. Jot it down as this will be your code.
  2. Go to: https://www.freeunlocks.com/
  3. Select the brand of your phone.
  4. Type the IMEI of your phone.
  5. Enter your email for confirmation.
  6. Choose the country where the phone is locked to.
  7. Choose your network/carrier.
  8. Confirm your payment and wait for an email confirmation.

If you have received the email, follow the procedures indicated below:

  1. Remove the original SIM card from your phone.
  2. Insert an unaccepted SIM card.
  3. You should now see a box to enter the unlock code.
  4. Enter the unlock code provided by FreeUnlocks.


Unlock Sony Xperia phone is a simple process that can be performed in a few simple steps. You may transfer networks, travel overseas, and boost the resale value of your phone by unlocking it. To guarantee that everything goes smoothly, use a trustworthy unlocking service like FreeUnlocks.

So there you have it: a detailed method to unlocking any Sony Xperia phone. We hope you found this information useful and that you may now fully use your unlocked phone!

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