Apr 10

8 Reasons to Get Free Phone Unlock Codes

Why is the process for getting free unlock codes being so popular? If you don’t know all of the benefits it might be a bit of a mystery but once you are clued up on the subject it is clear that doing this is something which none of us should neglect to do.

credit: Grim Santo

If you have any doubts on the subject then have a quick look through my list of the top 8 reasons for doing so.

  1. It’s free to do. Not many things in life are free these days and even less of those are worth having in my opinion. Someone offered me a free newspaper in the train station this morning I suppose but an unlocked phone is much better to have.
  2. It’s legal. Will government agents track me down for unlocking my cell phone or will someone from the network come round and give me a stern lecture before taking my phone off me? No. It is completely and undeniably legal to do so no one can say a bad word to you.
  3. It’s safe. You don’t need to worry about your phone starting to crackle and emit sparks or suddenly go dead when you carry out this process. Free unlocking codes won’t do your phone any harm at all.
  4. It’s easy. When you hear someone talk about free unlock codes for a phone it might sound like something awfully complicated. It isn’t, and online guidance will let you do it in a few minutes with no sweat. There is no need to do anything other take out and put back in the SIM card and then type in a code.
  5. It lets you use your phone abroad without roaming charges. We all know that taking a phone to a foreign country means using it sparingly to avoid the dreaded roaming charges. The good news with free phone unlock codes is that you can just pop in a local SIM card once you get to your destination and make cheap calls.
  6. It allows you to change network provider. Even if you aren’t planning on leaving the country you can still make your codes work for you by switching to a network which suits you better. There are quite a few reasons for wanting to change to a new network and having the option of doing so is always a good thing.
  7. It lets you sell the phone more easily. When you come to sell your cell phone you will probably find that more people are keen on buying it if it has been unlocked. They might have a specific network they want to use or they might just like the idea of an unlocked phone.
  8. It stays unlocked forever. Cell phone unlocking codes aren’t something which just works for a day or two or until you update the device’s software. Once you unlock your phone it will stay that way forever.


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