Sep 09

How to Get a Free Samsung Unlock Code to Unlock Samsung i997

Are you looking for a valid Samsung unlock code to unlock your Samsung i997? If yes, stop looking right now and visit, where you can unlock your Samsung i997 easily, quickly, legally, permanently and for free. began unlocking cell phones five years ago, and since our launch, over 71,500 phones have been unlocked effectively and safely.

When you are unlocking your phone at you can be fully assured that no damage will be caused to your phone and you won’t be required to install free phone unlocking software on your device. Furthermore, we guarantee the quality of our phone unlocks – if you could not unlock your cell phone by using one of the unlock codes generated by us, contact our Customer Service Team and make sure to include a video proof with your message and we will issue a full refund to you.

You are probably curious of how we are able to offer free phone unlocks and what you need to do to get your Samsung i997 unlocked for free. The answer is, however, quite simple. A few years ago we have partnered with one of the biggest online payment platforms TrialPay and since then TrialPay pays for phone unlock codes of our customers, who successfully completed any offer presented by TrialPay merchants. Thus, to unlock your Samsing i997, simply select one offer out of available TrialPay offers, and make sure to complete the offer you have selected successfully. After the offer has been fulfilled, your order will be processed and your Samsung unlock code will be paid for by TrialPay. After that all you have to do us to wait for your unlock code that we will send to the email address you have provided to us when you submitted your order.

You should receive your unlock code within thirty minutes, but in some rare cases we are unable to generate a code so fast and may need to spend approximately forty eight hours on generating a functional phone unlock code.

However, when you received your code, turn your Samsung i997 on and when you see the message asking you to enter a SIM netwok unlock PIN, simply enter one of unlock codes we have emailed to you to unlock your phone. If you doubt that your phone has been unlocked, it is very easy to check, if you have indeed successfully unlocked your Samsung i997 by inserting a SIM card other than the SIM card of a network provider your phone has been locked to. If you could access the Menu of your phone with this SIM card, your phone has been unlocked and can be immediately used with any phone carrier found in your area.

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Sep 07

How to Unlock Motorola Cliq for Free

Are you tired of your network provider putting hidden fees on your phone bill? Would you like to switch, but hesitate to do so because your Motorola Cliq is locked to your original network provider? If you have answered positively to every question, is happy to help. is a quality phone unlocking service, where your Motorola Cliq can be unlocked safely and permanently in no time. Here at we started unlocking cell phones back in 2009 and to this day over 71,500 mobile phones have been safely, quickly and successfully unlocked by us. Furthermore, we only offer legal phone unlocks to our customers, the quality of which is 100% guaranteed. We are sure that you will be fully satisfied with our service or your money back guaranteed. Thus, if phone unlocks codes, generated by us, have not unlocked your Motorola Cliq, contact us and email a video proof of codes not being functional and we will issue a full refund to you.

Moreover, besides getting your phone unlocked for very cheap, you can also unlock it totally free by using TrialPay. TrialPay is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms and our partner in business. To unlock your Motorola Cliq for free by making TrialPay to pay for your Motorola unlock code, you will need to find one offer listed by any TrialPay vendor that you like and then complete it successfully. After you have found and completed the offer, TrialPay will immediately pay for your phone unlock code and here at we will remotely generate it. Please note that in most cases our customers receive their unlock codes within twenty five minutes, but occasionally we require more time to generate functional unlocks and may need up to forty eight hours to do so.

Furthermore, when you receive the email with your Motorola unlock code and the instructions that will help you to unlock your phone fast and easily, go ahead and enter the code you’ve received into your Motorola Cliq to unlock it permanently and instantly. If you are not sure that your Motorola Cliq has been successfully unlocked and can be used with any network provider available on our planet, insert a different SIM card that is issued by any phone carrier, but your original one, and if you are able to see and access the Menu on your phone, your Motorola Cliq has been permanently unlocked.

Now, you can switch to any phone carrier you want and you can keep changing network providers as many times and as often as you wish. Or if you were thinking about buying a new phone, you can sell your now unlocked Motorola Cliq at a higher price than when it was a locked one.

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Sep 05

How to Unlock Pantech Breeze I Safely, Easily and for Free

Unlocking a cell phone has never been simpler and today you have a great opportunity to unlock your Pantech Breeze I easily and for free at Back in 2009 when we have started our phone unlocking business, we have partnered with one of the biggest e-commerce platform TrialPay in order to provide free phone unlocks to our customers. To get your cell phone unlocked for free, the only requirement you have to fulfill is to find one TrialPay offer you like to complete and make sure to complete it successfully. And you are done: we will do the rest and your phone will be unlocked in a matter of a few minutes. Since our launch and to this day we have safely and successfully unlocked more than 71,500 cell phones. Today you can become one of our satisfied customers, who successfully unlocked his or her phone at

If you are ready to begin unlocking your Pantech Breeze I, go to, select your phone’s model (Pantech Breeze I), the country you live in and the network your Pantech in locked to. Then, if you want to unlock your Pantech Breeze I for free, select one offer by any TrialPay merchant to complete and once you are done with the offer, and your Pantech unlock code has been paid by TrialPay, we will start generating an unlock code for your phone. With almost any phone we are able to generate a working unlock code in less than twenty minutes, but sometimes we need more time to generate a code and may end up spending more than 24 hours and occasionally even 48 hours on generating a functional phone unlock code for a customer.

Further, after we have successfully generated an unlock code for your Pantech Breeze I, we will email this code to you and your next step will be to simply enter a Pantech SIM network unlock PIN we have generated for you into your Pantech Breeze I, so that your phone would have been instantly and forever unlocked. If you have doubts that your phone has been unlocked, insert a different SIM card into it and if you can easily see the Menu on your phone and do not have any error messages popping out on your screen, your Pantech Breeze I have been successfully unlocked.

If you are still not sure that is the perfect place to unlock your Pantech Breeze I, watch this tutorial video to see how easy and safe it is to unlock your Pantech Breeze I phone or any phone for that matter using

Moreover, you have nothing to lose by using to unlock your mobile phone: we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed and if you could not unlock your Pantech Breeze I with our unlock code, we will happily refund the money you have spent at our site or give you a complimentary free unlock to use later (applies to customers who used TrialPay to unlock their phones).

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Sep 03

How to Unlock Sony Xperia U Fast and for Free

At you can unlock your Sony Xperia U at a very competitive price or absolutely free of charge through our long-term business partner and the online payment platform TrialPay. If you have chosen to pay for your Sony unlock code, you can do so securely via PayPal. On the other hand, if you prefer to save some money and unlock your Sony Xperia U for free, you will be required to select and then complete any one offer out of hundreds of offers presented by TrialPay participating vendors.

When you’ve decided upon that one particular offer to fulfill, proceed with completing the selected offer successfully, and when you are done, your Sony unlock code will be purchased by TrialPay and remotely generated by our team. Often we can generate unlock codes in less than twenty minutes, but please note that in some cases it has to take us up to forty eight hours to get a few unlock codes generated for your mobile device.

After your Sony SIM network unlock PINs were successfully generated, we will send an email to you with these codes and the detailed tutorial that will help you to unlock your Sony Xperia U for free and fast. When you have gotten your unlock code, the next step is to follow the instructions we have sent to you and enter the code into your Sony Xperia U to unlock it instantly and for life. If you are not sure if your Sony Xperia U has been unlocked after you have entered the phone unlock code, insert a SIM card that is associated with a phone carrier different from your original network provider and if upon turning your phone on, you are able to go to your phone’s Menu, your Sony Xperia U has been unlocked successfully.

After your Sony phone has been unlocked, you can immediately start using it with any network provider available in your area or even sell your Sony Xperia U for a higher price than the locked Sony Xperia U in case you were thinking about upgrading or buying a different phone.

At for many years we’ve been safely and effectively unlocking mobile phone devices and to this day have unlocked more than 71,500 mobile phones. Our cellphone unlocks are one hundred percent safe, permanent and absolutely legal. Moreover, if you are not fully satisfied with our service, write a message to our Customer Service Team and we will refund the entire amount you have spent on our site to you upon you providing the proof that phone unlock codes generated by us failed to unlock your Sony Xperia U. Thus, as you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose, but a lot to gain by simply unlocking your phone at

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Sep 01

Unlock Huawei Ascend P7 for Free with Us

Huawei Ascend P7 is one of the newest Huawei phones and was released in May, 2014. Huawei Ascend P7 is a nice smartphone that features a big 5 inches screen with the resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and screen density of 370ppi, a camera with a high resolution of 13 megapixels, 2GB RAM, ARM Cortex-A9 Quad Core processor, NFC availability, 22 hours of talk time, 17 days of stand-by in 3G and 16 days of stand-by in 4G.

If you have bought a locked Huawei Ascend P7, you can easily unlock it at is a well-known phone unlocking service where customers can unlock a phone at a very affordable price or for free through online platform TrialPay.

If you do not want to spend money on unlocking your Ascend P7, select to unlock your phone for free at Unlocking a phone for free at our site is a very simple and fast process. You will only need a computer connected to the web and your phone’s IMEI code. Once you are in front of your computer, go to, choose to unlock Huawei Ascend P7 and select to unlock it for free. In order to unlock your phone for free via TrialPay, you will need to select one offer listed by TrialPay vendors and then complete it. After completing the offer you have selected, TrialPay will pay for your Huawei unlock code and we will generate phone unlock codes to unlock your phone. Often, it only takes thirty minutes to remotely generate an unlock code for a customer, but in some cases it may take up to forty eight hours for us to get valid unlock codes.

After generating a few unlock codes for your Ascend P7, we will email all of them to you. After you have received the codes – try to enter them into your phone and if you see the message that your phone has been unlocked successfully – it is unlocked and you can use it with any phone carrier by simply inserting these carrier’s SIM cards into your smartphone.

Unlocking a cell phone should not be difficult. That’s why we unlock phones via remotely generated codes and will never ask our customers to ship their phones to us. With you can always unlock a mobile phone in the comfort of your home. Moreover, unlocking a phone with us is so EASY that anyone with the Internet connection and a computer can unlock a phone within a matter of a few minutes.

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