Aug 24

How to Activate UDID for Free and Easily Upgrade to iOS 8 Beta 5

We were all waiting for iOS 8 Beta 6 to be released this week, but so far Apple released iOS 8 Beta 6 to carrier testing partners only. However, we are not losing hope and are waiting for the sixth Beta release sometime next week.

iOS 8 Beta 5 that was released for the public download on August, 4 is currently the latest iOS 8 Beta released. A plenty positive reviews were posted online about iOS 8 Beta 5 and many Apple fans mentioned that iOS 8 Beta 5 fixed a lot of bugs found in previous iOS 8 Beta versions. Below we put together the list of the most exciting new features that we discovered in iOS 8 Beta 5:

1. Now you can find Spirometry data types in the Healthkit app
2. Brand new iCloud icons have been added
3. Messages can now be accessed by other devices
4. Messages app now has a predictive text toggle
5. Brand new Data Exporting and Body data icons are added to the Health app
6. Privacy settings now have a brand new health panel
7. iCloud Photo Storage has added brand new options to store
8. Apple TV Beta Seed has been added
9. Now when you use Wi-Fi calling, you will see the added T-Mobile WiFi calling indicator
10. Spotlight has a faster Swipe down access

If you are not yet using iOS 8 Beta 5 on your Apple device, make sure to visit our friend’s website where you can get your UDID registered for free and have a stress-free installation of iOS 8 Beta 5. In case you have not known, registering UDID is the critical 1st step towards upgrading to iOS 8 Beta 5.

However, fortunately at you are guaranteed to register your UDID easily and for free. Basically just go to main page and opt to activate UDID of your Apple device for free. Upon having your order submitted, will send an email to you with easy to understand complete manual on how to activate your device’s UDID free of charge and how to have a worry free installation of iOS 8 Beta 5.

Once you’ve efficiently registered your UDID, your UDID is registered for life and any version of iOS 8 Beta can be successfully installed on your Apple device.

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Aug 23

Easy Way to Unlock a HTC HD 2 phone for Free

Do you want to unlock your HTC HD2 without paying substantially high charges for an unlock code? Then make sure to visit our website, where we offer free and competitively priced phone unlocking services.

At we have begun unlocking phones in 2009 and more than that ever since our first day in business, we have unlocked over 71,500 cellphones. Right you can become one of our thousands of successful customers who unlocked their mobile phones at We make every effort to only offer secure, absolutely permanent and more than that one hundred per cent legitimate cellphone unlocks. What’s more, unlocking a cellphone device at is incredibly uncomplicated: you’ll not be requested to get a cost free cellphone unlocking software program on your telephone and if you have a desktop or laptop that can connect to the net, you have the ability to unlock your mobile device in a couple of seconds.

At it very easy to unlock HTC HD2: all you need to do is to find your phone’s model on our page, select a country of your residence and a phone carrier your mobile device is locked to. Then you will need to select to either pay for your unlock code or get one for free through our partner company of a couple of years – TrialPay. To actually unlock your phone at no cost by using TrialPay, it is essential to complete one free of cost service or product offer out of thousands of TrialPay offers displayed on TrialPay page. You are totally free to decide upon completing any kind offer you would enjoy.

Instantly upon having a completed TrialPay offer, TrialPay is going to pay for a HTC unlock code for your HTC HD2 in exchange for you choosing and completing product or service offers from their retailers. On top of that we are going to get started on remotely generating an HTC unlock code for your HTC phone straightaway. You should find a SIM network unlock PIN for your HTC HD2 in the inbox of your email in just 15-25 minutes right after submitting your order, yet now and then we happen to be unable to come up with an unlock code that quick, therefore, we may need approximately 48 hours to generate a functional unlock code to our consumers.

Anyway, as soon as you have received your HTC HD2 unlock code – promptly enter the code into your smartphone and get yourself an unlocked phone momentarily. Right away, your HTC HD2 will be unlocked and could be used with any network provider in any part of the world that very same moment:-)

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Aug 22

Need a Free Unlock Code for your Phone? At you can Get One

Unlocked phones are the best solution for anyone who likes to travel and wants to have the freedom to choose a phone carrier for a phone. Today there are more and more online phone unlocking services that you can use to unlock a phone, however, not all of them provide the same quality and price. The majority of websites can only unlock certain phone models and often charge extremely high prices for a phone unlock code.

However, here at our goal is to offer affordable and quality phone unlocks. You can unlock your mobile phone at a very competitive price or you also have an option to unlock a phone absolutely free. If getting your phone unlocked for free sounds like a great deal to you, all you need to do to get a free unlock code is to pick and complete one free offer by our partner’s TrialPay sellers. TrialPay features a big variety of offers and you are surely at liberty to select the one you like the most. After you have found the offer to complete and completed it, your unlock code will be remotely generated in about 30 minutes (note that sometimes you may receive your code no earlier than in 48 hours). When we have generated a few phone unlock codes for your model of a phone, we will email all of them to you and will also include the tutorial on how to unlock your phone for free.

From that point the very last thing you ought to do would be to type in your SIM network unlock PIN into your cellphone to fully unlock it. As soon as your telephone has actually been safely and effectively unlocked, you can surely start using it with any SIM card and any phone carrier available in your country, state or town.

Back in 2009 we have launched our website with the goal to provide free and affordable phone unlocks to our customers. We strongly believe that phone unlocks have to be easily available to anyone. That’s why we can unlock almost any cell phone currently available on the market. Moreover, even if you do not see your phone’s model listed on our site, please still contact us – often we are able to unlock a phone even if it is not listed on our main page.

Furthermore, here at we always stand behind our service and its quality. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our service or we return your money. Our thousands of happy customers is the best proof of our dedication in providing quality, safe, permanent and legal phone unlocks.

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Aug 21

Want to Use your Phone on Any Carrier’s Network? Unlock it for Free Right Away

If you want to use your locked phone on other carrier’s network, you will need to unlock your phone first. You can unlock your cell phone through your current carrier by asking them to provide an unlock code for your device, but, a network provider has a right to deny your request. However, you can still unlock your mobile phone by using one of phone unlocking services available online.

It is quite a few websites that claim to be able to efficiently unlock cell phones. However, some of them are unable to unlock almost any cell phone or charge a ridiculously high fee for an unlock code. That’s why we have launched the phone unlocking service in order to provide quality and affordable phone unlocks to the customers. We have unlocked our first phone back in 2009 and since that day we have successfully unlocked around 72,000 cell phones and constantly keep unlocking more and more phones. We strive to provide safe, permanent and 100% legit phone unlocks. Moreover, unlocking a phone at is very easy: you will never be asked to download free phone unlocking software on your phone and as long as you have a desktop or laptop connected to the Internet, you will be able to unlock your phone within a few minutes.

At you can choose to unlock your phone by paying a reasonable fee for phone unlock codes or you can unlock your phone for free with the help of our business partner of a few years – TrialPay. To unlock your phone for free with TrialPay, you will be required to complete one free service or goods offer out of many TrialPay offers available on TrialPay page. You are absolutely free to select any offer you like.

Immediately after you have completed the offer, TrialPay will purchase an unlock code for your phone as the way of saying ‘thank you’ for trying out products or services of one of their merchants. Furthermore, we will begin generating a phone unlock code for your mobile phone right away. You should expect a SIM network unlock PIN for your phone in your email inbox within 15-25 minutes after placing your order, but sometimes we are unable to generate an unlock code so fast and it may take up to 48 hours to get a working unlock code to our customer.

However, once you have gotten your unlock code – immediately enter this code into your mobile device and get it instantly unlocked. Now, your phone is unlocked and can be used with any phone carrier in the whole world right away icon smile Want to Use your Phone on Any Carrier’s Network? Unlock it for Free Right Away

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Aug 20

What Phone to Use When You Travel Abroad and How to Unlock your Current Cell Phone

If you are planning to travel abroad soon, you probably wonder if your cell phone will work in a country you are going to travel to. However, it entirely depends on the country of your residence and the country you are going to. For instance, if you live in Canada or the US and want to visit Europe, Australia, Asia or South America, there is a high probability that your phone will not work in these countries. On the other hand, if you are from England or Australia, your cell phone may not work in the US.

There are two reasons why your phone may not work in some countries, but work in others:

1. Two major phone network technologies are being used in the entire world: GSM and CDMA (PCS included). Around 80% of the whole world uses GSM technology and you can find GSM network in almost any country in the world. On the other hand, only around 20% of the world uses CDMA and CDMA networks may be found in a few countries, but mostly available in Canada, Mexico and the US. Thus, if you are from the North America, your phone may be a CDMA phone and it will not work on GSM networks.

2. Currently five different GSM frequency bands are being used by network providers around the globe. For instance, Europe and Asia use 900/1800MHz, North America uses 850/1900MHz, Caribbean and South America use 900/1800/1900MHz. Thus, if you are from Europe, your phone may not have a required frequency to work in the US. On the other hand, if you are from Canada, your phone will not work in Australia.

Thus, every time you travel outside your home country, make sure that your phone is GSM compatible and works in a frequency band compatible with the frequency band of the country you are travelling to.

However, what would you do if your existing cell phone does not work on the frequency band of the country you are visiting to? Even if your phone does not work in the country you are visiting to, you have a great option of buying a dual band phone, tri-band phone, quad-band phone or a 3G dual-mode phone.

A dual phone is a phone that will work in the country you are going to, but not in the country of your residence. Currently, there are two types of dual band phones: 850/1900MHz phones that are suitable for North America only and 900/1800MHz that are suitable for Europe and Asia/Pacific only.

A tri-band phone works in almost any country with the exception of Japan and South Korea. Currently, there are two types of tri-band phones: 900/1800/1900MHz phones that are suitable for North America, Caribbean, Asia Pacific and Europe and 850/1800/1900MHz that are suitable for North America and Asia/ Pacific.

Quad-band phones work in the majority of countries with the exception of Japan and South Korea. Currently, there is one type of quad-band phones: 850/900/1800/1900MHz phones that work with any GSM operator in the world.

3 G dual-mode phones are perfect for anyone, who needs to travel to Japan and South Korea because they work in both mentioned countries and in almost any other country in the world. These phones are the combination of GSM and WCDMA technology. Currently, there are two types of 3 G dual-mode phones: 3G/900/1800/1900MHz phones that are suitable for South Korea, Japan, Asia/Pacific, Brazil, Africa, Europe, the US, Canada, Caribbean and Central and South America and 3G/850/1800/1900MHz phones that are suitable for Japan, Central and South America, USA/Canada, South Korea, but won’t work in Europe, Africa, Brazil and Asia/Pacific.

Dual-band phones are the cheapest phones, however, if money is not an issue, we recommend buying a tri-band phone, so you could use it anywhere in the world and in your own home country once you are done travelling.

On the other hand, if your current phone works in the country you are going to and your phone is unlocked, all you need to do is to buy a local SIM card once you make it to your destination country. A SIM card is a device that enables your cell phone to work on GSM network. Any SIM card will work in unlocked phones. If you are not sure if your mobile phone is locked or unlocked, you can easily find out by inserting a SIM card from another phone carrier into your phone. If you can see the menu on your phone, then your phone is unlocked. If instead, you cannot see the menu and your phone gives you an error message such as “SIM card not accepted”, “Phone restricted” or “SIM not valid”, your phone is locked.

Furthermore, even if you found out that your cell phone is locked to your network provider, you can still unlock it by visiting our phone unlocking website is a premier phone unlocking service provider where almost any mobile phone can be unlocked within a matter of few minutes. At we offer phone unlock codes at very competitive prices or for free via TrialPay e-commerce website, which is also our business partner of many years.

If you do not want to spend extra money that you could spend on travelling to unlock your phone, choose the free unlocking option and proceed with selecting and completing any one free offer presented by TrialPay merchants.
After you have selected the offer and successfully completed it, your SIM network unlock PIN will be paid by TrialPay and generated by On average, we spend about 30 minutes on generating an unlock code for our customers, but in some cases (depends entirely on your phone’s model), it can take more time for us to generate the code (sometime even up to 48 hours).

Further, once we have generated an unlock code for your mobile device, we will immediately email this code to you along with the instructions on how to unlock a phone in no time.

After receiving your code, all you have to do is to enter the code you have received into your phone and it will be instantly unlocked for life. Now, as long as your phone is compatible with a frequency band used in the country of your destination, it can be used there by simply switching a SIM card in your phone.

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