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Unlocking couldn't have been easier and was completely free with TrialPay. Email communication throughout meant keeping track of the process was a breeze and best of all it worked first time with not one problem. Thanks again!

Sat Aug 2 4:04:13 MST 2014



Unlock code came right after my purchase. It took two minutes to complete and now i am using my newly unlocked blackberry! This website rocks!!!!!!

Wed Jul 23 21:33:22 MST 2014



This was Great. It Worked i got my code. Etc. Worked out perfectly.

Wed Jul 23 18:48:31 MST 2014



modem unlocked straight away.cheers for the prompt service

Tue Jul 22 1:25:53 MST 2014

dave caffrey


first rate, I had my code within 3 Minutes and it worked just great, will use again thanks

Wed Jul 16 5:26:15 MST 2014



The unlock code came in instantly after my purchase. The unlock code was ready as soon as I logged onto the site via the link in the sent email. I am thoroughly impressed by the services provided by this site. Thank you very much!

Mon Jul 14 17:00:00 MST 2014

Steven H


Very quick and easy to use. Signed up with William Hill and placed a bet on the World Cup to cover the cost. Thanks!

Sun Jul 13 4:28:57 MST 2014



Awwwwsome customer service! Emel, and Senior rep. Helped me out til I got it right. I apologize for not making the video but it happen so quick. 3 easy steps! Will refer.

Fri Jul 11 16:25:38 MST 2014



It was just instant.....I was soon as I paid, I got the link with code delivered....awesome

Wed Jul 2 8:53:46 MST 2014



The unlock code was provided within 24hrs I typed it in and it instantly unlocked my phone . Thanks for your help really impressed

Fri Jun 27 4:39:53 MST 2014

simon parke


Great site, got the code for my HTC Sensation in seconds and it worked perfectly. Didn't bother with trial pay, paid my $10 and moved on. I wonder why the carriers are such dickheads about unlocking....anyway it allows for a business like this to thrive.

Tue Jun 24 21:03:46 MST 2014



very good

Sat Jun 14 10:47:36 MST 2014



thank you

Fri Jun 6 11:02:03 MST 2014



My cell phone model is actually not listed above, but I had a Alcatel 510 and a 871 unlocked through this Freeunlocks service and it was a quickand easy process. I would recommend this company to others,am very satisfied.

Wed Jun 4 16:39:04 MST 2014

Harold Phillips


Thank you for the free unlock, it worked first time.

Wed Jun 4 1:24:38 MST 2014



This is my 2nd flawless experience with FreeUnlocks. Trustworthy and very fast service. Highly recommended!

Tue Jun 3 3:42:36 MST 2014



Thank you so much! You saved me a few hundred dollars on a new phone.

Mon Jun 2 20:26:14 MST 2014

April S


Man this website is awesome!!! 2 thumbs up no sooner I put the type of phone, just like the instructions said to type all your info I got the codes after a few hours an it worked on the first try. I give a 100% satisfaction guarantee the best of all you can do payments linked with your Paypal to ensure a secure payment. I will honestly come back again.

Mon Jun 2 16:57:16 MST 2014



Great site. Love it!!!!

Mon May 26 4:52:36 MST 2014



Vodafone tried to charge me £20 to unlock and just gave me delays. Your code worked for less than a 3rd of that. Quick too. Thanks.

Fri May 23 3:31:28 MST 2014



Good service, sent me the unlock code quickly and it worked the first try. Thanks!

Mon May 19 8:37:44 MST 2014



Amazing and cheap..why let a shop rip you off when this is so simple to use! My phone they unlocked is a galaxy s5 but it wouldnt let me select it on the drop customer service too..well done guys :)

Sat May 17 1:15:08 MST 2014



Great service. Very fast. Had my phone unlocked in 5 min. Would recommend service to others. Thanks!!!

Mon May 12 18:57:51 MST 2014



Yes, this does work. I used trial pay and had to open an account with William hill online betting. The code was emailed to me in a matter of minutes and worked first time. Brilliant, Thankyou.

Sun May 4 12:12:40 MST 2014

Robert Murray


very good product i got my LG E400F mobile phone free to use other network and cheaper rate on phone call thank you so much

Sun Apr 27 21:51:09 MST 2014



Hi. I have a Nokia Lumia 521 locked to T Mobile. Please provide the network / sim unlock code for use in Mumbai, Maharashtra,India. The IMEI No. is as 355913056036309

Sat Apr 26 23:18:41 MST 2014




Sat Apr 26 15:17:30 MST 2014



This is my new favorite best unlocking service, super awesome customer service, almost instant unlock codes and prices that CANNOT be beat. I unlocked my cousins bb for her and she's elated. Keep up the good work freeunlocks

Wed Apr 23 20:46:51 MST 2014

Dan Welsh


la verdad exelente se3rvicio el codigo me llego en 5 min rapidisimo la neta eso es lo que cobran en las plazas de las tecnologias y sin salir de casa lo hice y no perdio la garantia el equipo una felecitacion !!!!! estoy muy contento

Tue Apr 22 16:47:41 MST 2014



thank you

Thu Apr 17 8:59:06 MST 2014




Fri Apr 11 22:11:52 MST 2014



I like this site alot...very helpful

Fri Apr 11 11:54:37 MST 2014

melissa wink


Great site and quick response! My wife and I both got our codes in seconds and worked perfectly! This site is awesome and works!

Fri Apr 11 10:43:55 MST 2014

Khalid Harris


looked around the net for some feedback for this site and found mixed reviews but i must say i found it extremely easy to use and the trialpay i chose was absolutely free as i could cancel after 2days with no charge so i would reccomend this site to anyone wether you are wanting a free unlock or are willing to pay for your codes i give 10/10 !! easy to use prompt and totally free awesome thankyou !!!

Mon Apr 7 12:42:34 MST 2014

donna thompson


Perfect!! Works great! For free and fast! No complaints! :)

Mon Apr 7 10:23:40 MST 2014



Muy bueno realmente me funcionó y no espere mucho en recibir la contraseña. Gracias se los recomiendo

Sat Apr 5 6:47:18 MST 2014



(Desde Argentina) Funcionó correctamente

Sun Mar 30 20:20:58 MST 2014



I wasn't quite sure about this webstie...but in the end it was really fast; I was really satisfied!

Sat Mar 15 13:57:55 MST 2014



hi, sorted at last. got the unlock codes today and the first one worked. i'll definitely use again and tell my friends and family. thank you very much.

Thu Mar 6 2:05:04 MST 2014



Fast & excellent service! :)

Thu Feb 27 12:22:42 MST 2014

Mauricio Canchola


Best Unlocking Site! Excellent Customer Service! I highly recommend this site! Alexis

Tue Feb 18 22:35:19 MST 2014



i could say is very good good to me. thanks

Sat Feb 15 10:01:57 MST 2014

lawrence uy


Excellent service for $11.00 AUD great.

Sat Feb 8 19:43:43 MST 2014

Paul Flangan


Received 4 codes for Samsung Jack. Typed in the first code and Bingo the phone was ready to go!Thanks!!

Fri Feb 7 6:23:58 MST 2014

Don Browne


good job thank you

Thu Feb 6 22:30:58 MST 2014

Robert Desrosiers


I was a little skeptical (okay, a lot skeptical actually) but figured I'd give the service a try (for $7.99 it seemed like an affordable gamble-and being the instant gratification junkie that I am I decided to pay up rather than wade through the offers). I received my unlock code within five minutes and had my phone unlocked about 45 seconds later. The instructions were clear, easy to understand, and the service was fast. It took me longer to read enough reviews to convince me to give it a try than it took to get from blastoff to splashdown so you can consider me to be a very satisfied customer (if there was a Happy Dance icon I'd put it right here). I'm leaving for Panama tomorrow and will need to get a prepaid service local to the country and while cell phones are plentiful and cheap I've always liked my Pantech C610 so I dug it out of the drawer it has lived in since I got my iPhone, charged it, went online and started looking for a way to unlock it. I ran across these guys and the rest, as they say, is history.

Thu Jan 30 7:33:53 MST 2014

Dale Ellis


Thanks guys i was skeptical at first but glad i did do business with your company i got my code within hours quicker than the 15 hour guarantee put the code in and that's all she wrote. Was so excited i totally forgot to video it which was my intentions. Will definitely refer and do business myself with you guys. Again so pleased with my service. :-)

Sat Jan 25 5:39:22 MST 2014

danielle russ


Worked like a charm, it wasn't as fast as I thought it would be but it was well worth the money. I will be using their services again to unlock the rest of my phones.

Thu Jan 23 20:13:01 MST 2014



I would recommend this sight for unlock codes because it worked for me.At first I didn't think I would get a code because I didn't see it in my inbox but I found it in my emails Junk folder. Tried it and it work so all I can say now is Awesome

Thu Jan 23 12:36:18 MST 2014



Well done,good work,nice price!Thank you!

Thu Jan 23 0:17:35 MST 2014



Wonderful service, it really works! I got the unlock codes for my Moto G XT1032 within 21 minutes after sending the IMEI. I'd really recommend it. Thank you very much. Again, best service, best comments.

Mon Jan 20 19:10:24 MST 2014




Fri Jan 17 1:23:13 MST 2014



this is a very good service

Thu Jan 16 20:37:35 MST 2014

db downsick


This site is very good

Thu Jan 16 5:24:05 MST 2014

Saiful Islam


Funciona mesmo! Obrigado já me poupou 39€ na operadora

Wed Jan 8 15:15:38 MST 2014

Luis Lopes


thanks a lot!

Wed Jan 8 8:10:25 MST 2014



I AM SERIOUSLY SO FREAKIN HAPPY; THIS SITE WORKS. go with the free offer; and then lie or bullshit on one of the surveys; AND YOU GET THE CODE I AM SO EFFIN HAPPY ASDFGHJKL:

Tue Jan 7 20:13:39 MST 2014



Thanks for all your help. You saved me alot of money. And you support was prompt even though I never received the orginal email. I did receive email response from support promptly. Thanks Again Sandra

Tue Jan 7 11:22:04 MST 2014

Sandra West


Thank you So very much

Mon Jan 6 8:40:35 MST 2014

john podowski


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! What a wonderful service and an effortless unlock procedure. Highly and completely recommended. God Bless!

Sun Jan 5 2:19:57 MST 2014



Code worked great and email was within the stated time. Thank you

Sat Jan 4 7:44:32 MST 2014



Thank you, successful very quick! but actually it's not really free, it cost $9.99 which is reasonable price compare to other site.. It's awesome service, i will recommend this.

Fri Jan 3 8:32:51 MST 2014



I'll be honest, I gave up hope. But I was wrong.. you have to believe in people and keep your faith. Thank you! (They will keep their word)

Thu Jan 2 0:25:24 MST 2014



Great service. Had a little problem with initial codes sent...received feedback and help immediately. In the end I was able to unlock my phone with no problem! Will use service again! on a plus...price was cheaper than other websites :). Thanks!

Fri Dec 27 8:28:03 MST 2013



I have requested a unlock code for At&T phone U8665 commonly known as fusion. I received the code in 24 hours and it worked right away. It is amazing and the service is great. I am using the phone on international sim.

Thu Dec 26 1:38:54 MST 2013



Well impressed my unlock codes were sent within ten mins of giving imie well impressed first code done the trick thankyou so much for your help, will defo recomened you to my friends

Sun Dec 22 4:28:58 MST 2013



I can't believe that this actually worked! After seeing soo many ads for stuff on the net I am pretty suspicious of these sorts of propositions. I decided to give it a go and paid the $13US to get the unlock code. maybe 10 - 15min after paying and entering the IMEI, I had a working code! Much cheaper than the $100 Telstra wanted to charge. Good Work Guys!

Sat Dec 21 3:00:39 MST 2013

Cameron Parker


You made my unlock experience so simple and will definitely do business with you

Tue Dec 17 17:24:35 MST 2013



Great service and please keep up the good customer service. My unlock experience went like a breeze. Very easy and will definitely do business with you . THANK you.

Tue Dec 17 17:21:02 MST 2013



fantastic service was told 3 - 10 days and got my code 4 days later, worked first time and I am over the moon, better than any high street. would recommend this service to anyone who needs their phone un locked.

Tue Dec 17 16:45:15 MST 2013



This was easy. Went on FreeUnlocks site last night at 9 pm, entered the imei on my Huawei y300, payed the requested $9.99 using Paypal and woke up at 7 am the next morning to find an email listing 4 sixteen digit unlock codes for my phone (I think they give several in case the first one doesn't work). Started up my phone using a sim that it wasn't locked to, and carefully entered the first unlock code when the phone requested an unlock code. The phone (locked to Bell Canada) immediately came back with the message "unlocked" and worked on the Speakout 7-11 (Rogers network) sim card I had put in. Unlocked using the first code! I am very happy that I will be able to use my Canadian smartphone locked to Bell with a sim from a American provider when I travel to the USA. I'm a tech wise senior but anyone could handle this if they know how to remove the sim card from a phone (remove the back of the phone, it is under the battery). I still plan on staying with Bell as my Canadian provider, but having an unlocked phone gives me options and flexibility when I travel.

Tue Dec 17 9:27:30 MST 2013



awesome service, quick and functional

Sun Dec 15 1:35:42 MST 2013




Fri Dec 13 15:14:55 MST 2013



I just wanted everyone to know just how fast and easy it was to apply the code tyo my phone and it was opened. As easy as one, two and three. I want everyone to know you will be very pleased with the results.

Fri Dec 13 1:14:28 MST 2013

alysia stewart


Over the moon

Sat Dec 7 4:52:36 MST 2013

Leroy Rosario


I will be your biggest public'ist

Sat Dec 7 4:49:01 MST 2013

Leroy Rosario


This works great. I received my unlock code after 2 days. The wait time was estimated to be around 1-3 days. It was worth the wait.

Tue Dec 3 13:57:18 MST 2013



Just purchased the unlock for the HTC Windows Phone (T8788). Went quickly and worked perfectly. I was skeptical about this process, but I'm glad I went for it! Nice new Windows Phone is now working perfectly on the StraightTalk service :)

Fri Nov 29 12:12:00 MST 2013

Ryan P


Thank you very much for unlocking my phone. You saved my time and money BIG thumbs up :) Regards William

Wed Nov 27 11:43:06 MST 2013

William Paul


I was searching for a cheap or free unlock method for my Xperia TL. all other websites selling code from 25 to 40$ cost but I got my code at a very low Price or actually free as i first time registered my domain and now thinking to start a website. so it is a really wondurful expereince for me. I want to place my heartly thanks to FreeUnlocks Team. Thanks and God Bless You all.

Wed Nov 20 22:29:14 MST 2013



thanks for giving me free unlock nice more power

Wed Nov 20 4:22:10 MST 2013



Perfect Service, unlocked my UK blackberry in one try - really easy & straightforward step by step directions (not to mention one of the least expensive options to unlock your blackberry!) AWESOME!

Sat Nov 16 20:07:09 MST 2013



In 20mins my BB Bold was unlocked for all operators. Thx for your service

Sat Nov 16 8:09:46 MST 2013




Fri Nov 15 10:20:13 MST 2013



it works so well and easy, follow the trial pay instructions get your 450 swagbags and wait for your email with your unlock code its that easy, thanks trialpay.

Tue Nov 12 5:27:25 MST 2013




Sat Nov 9 5:41:46 MST 2013

Dexter Cuison


£6 6mins job done Many Thanks

Thu Nov 7 10:55:35 MST 2013



Excellent service did exactly what it said on the tin. I followed the easy instructions one by one got my e mail and unlock code put the unlock code in and works perfectly. Thank you very much indeed.

Tue Nov 5 14:19:19 MST 2013



i waited a few hours as i went through the trialpay, i got my code and wow, worked first time, im very pleased, thanks.

Tue Nov 5 5:13:35 MST 2013

shaun oreilly


thank you

Sun Nov 3 8:49:16 MST 2013

james golden


[Success!] i had really hard time with phones and unlocking because its hard to trust most of sites and i say to my self before 30 min i want to try this site so i say 9.99 for unlocking is too good to be true but after i pay for it in 5 minutes i see locking code in my email inbox i say to my self again " it can't be true" and i enter the code into the phone and WOW its unlocked and free guys you are the best and for me its the best site i ever see easy and fast easy steps not hard only pay or do free and wait less than 5 minute and you will get your code guys keep the good work and god bless you all Ammar Hendawi

Tue Nov 19 21:05:49 MST 2013

Ammar Hendawi


I used the TrialPay approach to getting an unlock... I had everything I needed within about 24 hours. I was getting nervous as I was on code 3 of 4 provided, and that one worked! Now unlocked from MetroPCS to work on TMobile. Very pleased, thanks!

Fri Oct 25 5:32:34 MST 2013



Hi Guys Many thanks for code, tried other UK sites no success Worked first time Cheers Roy

Wed Oct 23 7:35:51 MST 2013

Roy Campbell


Aunque se tardaron un pocoen mandar el codigo, valio la pena, hoy mi celular ya esta libre y puedo contratar un plan con otra operadora.

Mon Oct 21 22:41:17 MST 2013



Got my code in under 10 minutes and it worked perfectly!

Fri Oct 18 18:41:16 MST 2013



thanks for that

Thu Oct 10 23:02:52 MST 2013



i have a htc phone and it cost me free to unloc it. it was on vodaphone but i can use it ee free unlock it only took them 40 mins and they e-mailed me my unlock code for my htc phone and the best thing is it was free and didnt cost me a penny nice-one free unlock there web site is

Thu Oct 10 16:38:23 MST 2013

lee rowarth



Wed Oct 9 10:40:56 MST 2013



Awesome guys, bin a pleasure dealing with you. Look forward to more business. Steve

Mon Oct 7 15:10:41 MST 2013

Steve Hutchinsons


I found this site very easy to navigate and great help when asking questions as they replied very quickly which gave me a sense of security. I will definitely be returning to unlock other phones.

Mon Oct 7 9:13:32 MST 2013

teresa o donovan


Your site is the best.

Wed Oct 2 16:44:58 MST 2013

Derrica Dustin


Awesome! Got my unlock code within an hours time! Thanks so much!

Tue Oct 1 13:07:13 MST 2013



unbelievable!!! I try many websites and is the only one who unlock my phone successfully! In only 2MN... Thank you do much, you'rd the best!!! ;-)

Tue Oct 1 1:46:51 MST 2013



Quick and easy, Had to contact customer advisor Carlo but all was resolved.

Mon Sep 30 18:47:54 MST 2013



Free Unlocks site was very easy to use, as was Trial Pay. Be careful which company you choose as a trial; beware of scams. The unlock codes initially sent to me via e-mail did not work, but I was able to get a live representative on chat within moments, and in a few short minutes he got me the correct code, and my phone is now unlocked. Definitely recommended, just beware of trial sites as I said.

Thu Sep 26 2:21:46 MST 2013

Nicholas Moroz


Got the code in 5 mins worked fine. Thanks!

Sun Sep 22 13:51:21 MST 2013



mu buen servicio lo he usado dos veces y la verdad tienen una exelente asesoria tecnica y lo he usado dos veces y no hay ningun inconveniente, rapida respuesta a los problemas de desblokeo.

Sat Sep 21 19:29:43 MST 2013

juan jorge


Completed one of the TrialPay orders, and it was verified about 10 hours later even though it said instant. After I submitted my IMEI, I received an unlock code 6 minutes later. At first it didn't work because I installed a custom ROM, but when I the stock AT&T ROM the code worked successfully.

Fri Sep 20 19:20:38 MST 2013



After ordering the code, I received a working unlock code within 15 minutes - everything worked as promised!

Thu Sep 19 1:32:16 MST 2013



[Success!] Hello, first of all i still dont know if the website safe or not, but i can say that i got working unlock code for my phone in 30 mins and just for 9.99 USD. However today they asked 25 USD for unlock. Overall, very cheap, fast and IT WORKS

Tue Nov 19 21:16:34 MST 2013



hello!!! i just want to shout out a big big big "THANK YOU" to the very very quick service. i am so satisfied with this. i was told unlocking would cost me more than 30 dollars but i got it done less than 10 dollars cant believe. i would like to recommend this site to everybody who wants fast unlocking for much cheaper.

Sat Sep 14 11:08:16 MST 2013



Hi just got to say a big thank you . It worked first time HWV7YU

Thu Sep 12 18:58:51 MST 2013



Went with trial pay, bought a game from big fish games for $2.15 got my unlock code :) Worked like a charm. Had a problem with the system seeing my purchase (probably my security software caused it) but trial pay and freeunlocks support took care of it no problem. Nice job!

Fri Sep 6 11:31:48 MST 2013



Was uncertain as how genuine this site was, the experience was painless and easy to navigate and to have the phone up and running in no time was great. Keep up the good work. Cheers Jim

Fri Sep 6 3:38:18 MST 2013

james ramsden


I want to thank free unlocks for unlocking my phone, ordered my code around 2 pm and they were there the in the morning wen I got up, I was very skeptical because every one was telling me to pay $40 to get it done, but paid the $12.73 and tried it, it worked on the first code, I will defineately pass this on!

Fri Sep 6 3:18:59 MST 2013



Fantastic website courteous customer service and reliable even answered emails on a holiday definitely will do business again

Fri Sep 6 3:08:47 MST 2013

robert gebhardt


worked on the first try, took as long to get the code as advertised.

Wed Sep 4 0:37:06 MST 2013



I just paid the $9.99 because I didn't feel like messing around with TrialPay. The unlock code arrived in 10 minutes or so, and unlocked my phone, as promised. Awesome.

Mon Sep 2 9:50:20 MST 2013



Thanks for the Unlock code

Mon Sep 2 5:59:35 MST 2013



Great Job.. Works Great!

Thu Aug 29 19:33:04 MST 2013

joey shurtleff



Thu Aug 29 10:59:42 MST 2013



This is a blessing for those who don't have all the money in the world.

Mon Aug 26 4:53:33 MST 2013

Lauri demartino


Brilliant site!! Excellent service! Special thanks to go to Dani from customer services! Thanks again!

Fri Aug 23 2:25:40 MST 2013



Fast and it worked! I chatted with their customer service agent Carlo and they were more than helpful. And the best part? Free! Thank you!

Mon Aug 19 9:00:56 MST 2013



Worked perfectly, haven't waited more then 10 minutes for the code to come via email. Great service for a reasonable price.

Fri Aug 16 11:41:20 MST 2013



First, i didn't know how to do it because it did not happens like the instructios. After some logic steps I send the modified modem to the phone and put a new card from other provider. And the phone ask me the new code sent and "tchalam"!!! FREE... It Work's. Very Good. My Phone is a Huawei. Thank's FreeUnlocks. Very good service. Not really free of money but we figure it fair. From Portugal.

Wed Aug 14 7:09:57 MST 2013



This is a great service. We ran into a snag at first, but Perry was very helpful and got the job done. I highly recommend FreeUnlocks. Thanks guys!

Mon Aug 12 18:16:47 MST 2013



Great Service, excellent communication, code received in time specified and it worked in first try.

Wed Aug 7 19:37:52 MST 2013

Rocio Solis



Tue Aug 6 19:00:58 MST 2013



Thank you so much this web service is awesome and excellent customer service and I could unlock my phone very easy! Thanks a lot

Tue Jul 30 16:24:48 MST 2013

Roosevelt Pardo


Huawei Y300 - Brilliant service and as I needed to get another unlock code, this time for my partner's phone, I had no hesitation in requesting one from again. Like before, unlock code arrived within 12-24 hours and first unlock code worked. Definitely would use them again. I choose to pay for the service ($7.99) as I'm not into the Trialpay idea. THANK YOU!! from one happy customer.

Mon Jul 29 1:54:17 MST 2013



THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Got my code in less then 8 minutes and it worked GREAT!

Tue Jul 23 15:48:39 MST 2013



Not working and not helpful company service no replaying emails Very disappointment for a service

Tue Jul 23 13:04:17 MST 2013



Cheap, fast and working OK. Recommended!

Sat Jul 20 6:21:54 MST 2013

Juan Rodriguez


Trusted,safest and fast unlock service provider in the internet.I have unlocked two models in this websites.

Thu Jul 18 22:11:17 MST 2013



Huawei Y300 - paid $7.99 for my unlocking code and received it within 24 hours. First code worked. Communication quick, A big THANK YOU! from Ireland.

Tue Jul 16 8:32:14 MST 2013



Thank you for help! Wonderful service!

Tue Jul 9 23:16:06 MST 2013

Massimiliano Orrù



Tue Jul 9 17:10:13 MST 2013



thanks for your help with my unlock, you have a wonderful day.

Wed Jul 3 11:07:41 MST 2013

Carlos Maldonado


I´ve unlocked 2 phones without any problems the codes still working by first tryout !!! there´s a great custom service by chat on the site like to say thanx this way and a special greetz to PERRY - best chat communicator ever !!! greetz u all from germany

Wed Jul 3 2:45:08 MST 2013



I was a little skeptical at first but decided to try because I needed my phone unlocked. I have to say that the service was great. I used one of the free offers and my phone was unlocked within the time specified. The service was great. So easy! Thanks!

Sat Jun 29 6:23:25 MST 2013

Kellena B


this is my 2nd time using freeUnlocks service. Both times the codes came really fast. I'd recommend all my friends to this site for unlocking.

Thu Jun 27 0:18:04 MST 2013



Thank you for help!

Wed Jun 26 10:51:50 MST 2013



Wonderful service. ordered it with lot of suspicion. But it worked wonderfully well. thankyou

Thu Jun 20 23:01:33 MST 2013



It was a very good service; they sent the codes within the promised processing time. The first code unlocked our Huawei. Thanks!

Mon Jun 17 11:33:07 MST 2013

Rachel Kuang



Fri Jun 14 17:56:22 MST 2013

susana vazquez ciberiro


I want to thank you for the code to unlock my phone. Im from portugal and you did anything to help me. Thanks a lot. You are the best company and website ever.

Thu Jun 13 3:36:29 MST 2013



Best company and website I found in over two solid hours of research! Unlocked my AT&T HTC Inspire 4G in the US for around $4 via Trial Pay. Cheapest I could find elsewhere was $20 for this phone. There were a number of FREE options as well, but I opted to spend a little on a good deal. For my $4 I got my wife -- who is a teacher -- four hard-bound Dr. Seuss books for the kiddos! I'm now up and running on a T-Mobile MVNO. Had my code in less than 10 minutes. A++++

Mon Jun 10 0:53:14 MST 2013



wow...such great help provided, thanks perry..

Sun Jun 9 6:29:42 MST 2013



2 days and I have not the code still

Sun Jun 9 4:42:09 MST 2013



gREAT SITE. used the free option saved myseslf 8 pounds thanks

Tue Jun 4 1:55:51 MST 2013



it was easy as usual you guys are exelent, thanks a lot unlocing my phone was super easy, i got the code very fast. 100% happy this is the 3rd time i buy from you thank you..........

Mon Jun 3 23:55:42 MST 2013



Excellent Job. I have been receiving the unlock codes faster than I had expected. Thank you

Sat Jun 1 18:43:19 MST 2013



Thankyou freeunlocks for a unlock code in less than 2 hours that worked perfectly. Don't bother with the "free" version pay the $9.99 / £6.45 for the paid version as it is cheaper than any high street or providers cost !! Simple to use with good instructions. HTC Wildfire was on 3 now Virgin.

Thu May 30 12:50:32 MST 2013



great service u guys one here in australia would help us out thanks heaps

Thu May 30 4:36:24 MST 2013



A very nice and fast service. I will recommend this unlocks service to all my friends and family.

Fri May 24 5:26:35 MST 2013

Faraz-ur-rehman Sharif


Thank you, u´re the one!!! now, my cell it´s FREE!!

Mon May 20 14:07:39 MST 2013



I mis-typed my email address when I made the order. customer support was able and willing to send it to the proper email address with instructions even I could understand! Wicked service, and they even answered my emails on a long weekend. THanks so much! I love my new phone!

Mon May 20 0:43:37 MST 2013



The first codes received do not work, but the support team provide me the correct code after a few steps!!! Perry was my support engineer. Thanks!

Sun May 19 21:15:11 MST 2013



100% working :)

Sun May 19 12:57:52 MST 2013

Erik Zilahi


I 'm trying to unlock my phone can y'all please help I have the Activation key y'all gave me

Sat May 18 14:55:50 MST 2013



After a couple of attempts to log in, support rep. Carlo came on and walked me thru the unlock process with no problem. Great Rep. Great Product.

Tue May 14 23:03:05 MST 2013



I went to the web site thinking there is no way they will unlock my phone for free when I just visited another site that advertised $24.99 to unlock the same phone. I just knew there was some catch where I would have to spend ATLEAST $25.00 or MORE to get that code. I decided to see what kind of scam they was gonna try on me so I could prove to myself you can't trust things like this. Well I went though the Trial Pay process and found a site where I didn't have to pay any money to complete. I went though the whole process a signed up to be a member of some club for free so I could (supposedly)get a free code. After I did all I had to do on that club's site I got an email from Trial Pay and from saying my code was ready. I clicked on the link in my email and was carried to but couldn't get in with the activation code given to me by Trial Pay. I said to myself HA HA! I knew it. So I sent an email to the support link and guess what. They sent me my free unlock code and IT WORKED!! I never spent ONE CENT!! I'm still skeptical about free deals on the internet but has given me some faith there are some honest sites out there. MANY THANKS TO!! You are the only phone unlock site as far as I'm concerned! You will definitely get more of my business in the future. Even if I have to pay next time. Just because you are honest people.

Thu May 9 1:32:03 MST 2013

Timothy Atwood


Dear staff, Thank you so much for your help. I enter the code and it works. I would like to express my deep gratitude towards you for the service. Carlo, one of your support staff, was so patient with me until I can enter the code properly and the phone now is unlocked. Thank you. LSG

Sat May 4 9:34:35 MST 2013

Louis St-Germain


I've been using two time and in both the service was great i have my t-mobile HTC sensation and a pantech burst unlocked in less than 15 mins so i recommend this site to unlock your phones Thanks

Sat May 4 5:46:24 MST 2013

rolando perez


This was wonderful, so quick and straightforward even a child of three could do it so keep your unlock codes away from your three year old children. Had the code within 20mins plus they followed it up too. Amazing customer service and extremely quick and efficient. Also much cheaper than the amount Telstra was requesting. I've told all my friends, thanks Dani :)

Thu May 2 18:31:54 MST 2013

rachel barrow


I just buy phone which is HTC ONE X for AT&T. but, I am using T-Mobile. This phone need to unlock. help me to unlock success! . Now, I can use this phone with T-Mobile.

Wed May 1 14:03:05 MST 2013



Freeunlocks is the best site for unlocking phones. Responses are very fast and the customer service is excellent! I had a very hard case in order to unlock my HTC One X and the assistant manager Perry was patient and very courteous. Thank you

Sun Apr 28 22:01:49 MST 2013



Thanks , worked 100%. Ordered it yesterday night, got it this morning and was only $8. Keep up the good work and I'll keep coming back

Tue Apr 23 11:54:00 MST 2013



Satisfied with the response and help.

Sun Apr 21 15:22:50 MST 2013

Charles Turinek


can you send me an unlock code for HTC One V

Sat Apr 20 1:18:10 MST 2013

Robert Lewis


This site was awesome! Quick and easy and had someone help me every step through!! Will use this site again!!

Mon Apr 15 20:27:30 MST 2013



Great service - thanks - took a little longer than expected from U-tube statements but well withing the written specs 1-24 hours

Wed Apr 10 15:46:51 MST 2013

Garry Charman


I received my unlock code, and it works, my phone is unlocked now. thank you for your speed service, i'm completely satisfied.

Wed Apr 10 2:55:24 MST 2013



Thanks code worked I tried two other places and they couldn't get one

Mon Apr 8 21:36:13 MST 2013

william bryce



Thu Apr 4 20:18:03 MST 2013



Worked like a charm. Thank you!!!!

Wed Mar 27 4:53:10 MST 2013



i am very happy would highly recommed that people use this serive code recieved within 5 mins thank guys

Tue Mar 26 3:25:09 MST 2013



Brilliant service and so reasonably priced, the first set of codes did not work but the support guys were brilliant. They sent very clear instruction on what to do and helped me through to finally unlocking my phone. Brilliant!!

Tue Mar 26 0:41:07 MST 2013

Simon Taylor


I already got my phone unlocked with your code. That's so easy and so fast!

Sun Mar 24 8:45:20 MST 2013



Heard here is the best

Fri Mar 22 21:59:12 MST 2013



This site and its staff works great!

Fri Mar 22 6:37:22 MST 2013



Thanks for being patient with when the initial search didn't work. Freeunlocks is very professional and legit. Thanks for unlocking my phone!!!

Mon Mar 18 14:18:40 MST 2013

Russell Eaves


Great service i got my unlocking code after few minutes of my order and the code working perfectly, im so happy now because my phone unlocked Thanks freeunlocks team

Mon Mar 11 11:08:48 MST 2013



Awesome site! Completely worked! I tried other sites that could not find the unlock code for my phone. Thrilled that it was found so quickly on this site. Super Happy!

Sat Mar 9 1:50:56 MST 2013



thanks puk unlock worked was trying to get an 02 sim working on this virgin phone you code done the job meany thanks

Thu Mar 7 11:45:38 MST 2013



I was very VERY skeptical about this site. Especially when after I paid it just said waiting. Being as impatient as I am, I automatically thought I got jipped. So i went around the site looking for reviews and saw alot of happy customers n one person that said theirs took 20mins. So waited ... n waited . It took 16 mins but I got the code. n it worked !! Thanks !! I didnt want to be phoneless anymore . Lol

Mon Mar 4 20:42:30 MST 2013



Did the free bit. iadmit I was skeptical,,,,Worked like a charm!!!

Sat Mar 2 3:10:54 MST 2013



Can not believe how fast and accurate this service is! Can not thank you enough!

Tue Feb 26 22:43:13 MST 2013



I just unlocked my HTC Desire. It really did work which was a bonus as I had my doubts. Really fast, very good information. Thanks very much.

Sun Feb 24 12:46:32 MST 2013

Michaef F


Just unlocked my HTC using this service and it was quick, easy and above all it worked!! I didn't get the link explaining the exact process to unlock the phone but this was easy enough to find on YouTube. Excellent - will recommend to others.

Sun Feb 17 13:25:15 MST 2013

L Hillman


it works !! easy to do just get the orginal simcard out then the new sim in the number in the phone - thats it gladly again volker

Thu Feb 7 14:47:38 MST 2013



just want to say thank you really so happy its amazing, only a few mins. Hi from france...long life

Thu Feb 7 7:31:13 MST 2013



great service, very helpful !!

Mon Feb 4 7:11:29 MST 2013



i just want to say thank you very much i am so happy its take only a few min and everithing was done i appreciate you guys very good and thank you again you maid my days thanks again from a happy girlss

Sun Feb 3 21:11:41 MST 2013



Tks for your support it worked very good and fast

Sat Feb 2 17:14:01 MST 2013



I just want to thank you guys sooo very much! I signed up with this wireless company because of the special that they offered. When my first bill came in the mail, it was over $400 dollars! No way was I going to pay that. Just so happen I searched the internet and there you guys were. You have saved me a hell of alot of money. I will personaly put you guys out there for business from my friends. Once again, THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH!!!!!

Sat Feb 2 9:08:19 MST 2013



Brilliant site, unlocked cheaper than anywhere else! They were really fast too, I had the email in about 2 mins, I would defiantly use them again. My phone is a HTC Mozart btw.

Fri Feb 1 15:36:41 MST 2013




Fri Feb 1 14:27:05 MST 2013



I haven't gone to get the sim I need to fully unlock it but I got the code quickly, cool stuff, beats taking it to a local service here where they exaggerate in charges, I even decided to pay the full 10 bucks, thanks.

Wed Jan 30 9:37:29 MST 2013



Thank you

Tue Jan 29 6:32:44 MST 2013

jim dandy


i apreciate for you service,time and help. Thanks you to take the pay correct. I have 3 phones unlock rady, works fine. For that razon, THE EXPERIENCE with you; is THE BEST. Thanks agains. I talk to you next time.

Sat Jan 26 22:28:46 MST 2013



Excellent service - 15 minutes from order to code input into handset! And cheap as well - some sites wanted 3 x cost here.

Sat Jan 26 3:51:30 MST 2013



Rapido y bien. Pagado con Paypal despues te piden imei y compañia. En menos de 1h tenía el codigo de desbloqueo. Lo unico un poco liante es que me enviaron 2 numeros de 8 digitos separados por un espacio y no sabia si tenia que meter uno,los dos, los 2 separados por un espacio o los 2 juntos. Al final resulto que para mi movil bastaba meter un numero de 8 digitos. Por lo demas, tal como he dicho perfecto. Gracias

Tue Jan 22 2:51:03 MST 2013



Once I got the instructions I couldnt believe how easy it was to unlock my sony tipo. Was told by 2 unlocking services that it couldnt be unlocked but with free unlocks I didnt have this problem. Would definatly recomend this site. 100% real!

Sun Jan 20 21:13:11 MST 2013



Thank you! Took a couple of days but worth it!! Just ordered business cards at Vistaprint for 2.99 and got the code! I wasn't sure at first, also contacted customer service and had no answer but 1 day later got the surprise in the mail :) Thanks again!

Tue Jan 15 13:29:14 MST 2013



I paid full price because, unless I missed one, all of the "free" offers cost money and I didn't want to take the risk of esablishing a continuing relationship, especially a financial one, with one of them. After I paid, I received the unock code about 20 minutes later which is acceptable. I inserted a Rogers SIM card and, even though the phone accepted the unlock code and stated that it was unlocked, it didn't reboot automatically, it had to be rebooted by removing the battery. Then I tried using it with a working Rogers SIM from another phone, it wouldn't allow any calls or text messages to be sent. I retried unlocking with another Rogers SIM card which had expired, it was inactive, and the phone accepted the unlock code and stated that it was unlocked but the exact same problem occurred, it wasn't actually unlocked although the phone stated it was unlocked. I have another phone, which is running with a WIND Mobile SIM on the WCDMA band which Telus and Rogers don't use for voice communication. The SIM also enables GSM roaming on the Rogers network. I put the WIND Mobile SIM into the Telus locked phone and entered the unlock code. The phone responded that it was unlocked and rebooted automatically into Android which it didn't do before. I was able to turn off the phone normally then installed the Rogers SIM which is authorized and was able to make phone calls, etc. I don't know why the WIND Mobile SIM card worked to enable successfully unlocking the phone but it worked when Rogers SIM cards didn't. Maybe Telus phones hate Rogers or vice-versa. I would use this service again and recommend it to others.

Wed Jan 23 2:42:59 MST 2013



From the time my payment went through and the time I got the CODE it tooks 8 minutes... and the code worked :D :D :D Thanks so much ... You made my day :

Wed Jan 9 15:29:11 MST 2013




Thu Jan 3 4:10:59 MST 2013



wooow what a wonder full website the unlock code i bought from this website worked with my my phone is out of the jail.i can move to any network i norway it costs 60 dollars to unlock my phone but here i only paid 25 dollars... thank you very much

Wed Jan 2 13:04:39 MST 2013

ali mohamed


From the time my payment went through and the time I got the CODE it tooks 8 minutes... and the code worked :D :D :D Thanks so much ... You made my day :D :D :D

Fri Dec 28 14:10:44 MST 2012

Daniel Lindsay


PM me on XDA if your are hesitant to order from these guys :D I was hesitant but I still ordered. I used there free trial offer button and they send me the code on the same day. My only problem was that the emails that they sent went into my junk folder, and I for some reason did not look in there and ordered from UnlockItNow and they sent me the same code. At the end all is good, code worked, and found out that these websites actually works :D Thanks!

Fri Dec 28 7:03:28 MST 2012



Count me as one more satisfied customer. After a small delay from trialpay (which was not freeunlocks' fault), I got my unlock key and it worked like a charm. Besides, because of this small delay, I contacted the customer service and they were friendly and helpful. So well, in case you wonder: yes, OP delivers, yes, it works and yes, it's free (if you chose the right trialpay offer).

Fri Dec 28 6:55:07 MST 2012



"Excellent customer support service!!" I had some difficulty at going through the procedure to unlock my phone, but only because I am pretty much useless with technology :-) I have asked for help and received a prompt answer from customer service and they helped me and all was easily quickly sorted. Thank you Perry and all the team at FreeUnlocks. Merry Christmas! Roberto

Sat Dec 22 8:47:50 MST 2012



Hi team, Thanks for the code for my phone. Service was flawless and had my code in 10 minutes! Great work and service A*****

Sat Dec 22 2:04:00 MST 2012




Fri Dec 21 20:31:51 MST 2012



A very good service, although it is not free. $9.99 is nearly free. I am satisfied

Thu Dec 20 0:57:41 MST 2012

Peter Lyons


Fast customer service and code. 100% reliable

Tue Dec 18 6:36:46 MST 2012



Fast, clear and easy. And you pay how much you want for what you like. So...what else ?

Mon Dec 17 14:37:57 MST 2012



Would use this site again.i had my unlocking code within 5 minutes,excellent service.I tried 3 other websites and they failed to get me a code these guys are great.Dont waste your time on other sites use these :)

Tue Dec 11 3:40:48 MST 2012

liam verschueren


This freeunlock support is good and the whole process was well guided. Cheers to you folks and Happy holidays.

Sun Dec 9 11:50:24 MST 2012



Can't believe this worked. Chose the E-Music offer because after a little google-fu it seems that they would be the easiest to cancel. Put in CC info, start trial, freeunlocks asked for IMEI so I gave it, about 15 min later the unlock code is in my email. Go back on e-music and cancel account. Emailed the company to say I wanted to make sure I would not be charged at all ever and they confirmed I won't. Unlock code worked and was under 20 min for the whole deal. And was free. Will be using this site again when I get a new phone.

Wed Dec 5 13:57:35 MST 2012

Imran Haque


thaaaaaaaaaank yooooooou

Wed Dec 5 8:45:07 MST 2012



Thank you,your code worked perfectly,you just made my daughter very happy,thxs

Fri Nov 30 23:30:06 MST 2012



These guys are awesome, cheap and fast. Extrememly reliable and my unlock code arrived in 5 minutes. Thank you for such a great service.

Fri Nov 30 0:07:30 MST 2012



Wow! it worked! fantasetic! i would have made a youtube video on it but my mother had to be a bitch and screw it up, never the less, GREAT WORK! 10/10

Sun Nov 25 0:55:10 MST 2012



FANTASTIC. $9.99 (£6.50 ish GBP) in 5 minutes versus direct from T-Mobile where they wanted to charge £15.32 ($25 ish) and it could take up to 28 days to arrive! For a company that specialises in "mobile communication" T-mobile are light years behind "Free Unlocks" So Simple....So Easy.....Great Value.....

Mon Nov 19 10:20:04 MST 2012

Tim Southwell


once again, you guys proved to be the best. many thanks and look forward to future dealings. nate

Thu Nov 15 4:23:52 MST 2012

nate taylor


thanks for the codes just unlocked my htc chacha network lock..easy steps and the customer service was so fast.

Fri Nov 9 7:40:09 MST 2012



After many hours of trying to find an unlock code-you guys were the best!!!! No hassles, fast service and easier than I thought!! I will definately be back---THANKS AGAIN

Thu Nov 8 22:41:13 MST 2012



Fast and easy :)

Thu Nov 8 5:30:29 MST 2012



thank you~

Sun Oct 28 4:06:42 MST 2012

Daun Jeong


Yeah - really couldn't be bothered with the freebie route and at $9.99, you can't really go wrong albeit, I am a sceptic too! Good old Paypal, gives you confidence eh? I wrote a lengthy review of my experience but suffice it to say that, I thought the Youtube video was great, simple to understand and follow - phew! The website experience was just as the demonstration, I had a look at the trials but opted to pay which was also straightforward. The unlock code took some minutes to arrive by email so always a (sceptics), cause for concern but, no worries, all went well, the code worked gret and I am almost looking for more phones to unlock here! I have wasted so much time in the past trying freebie nonsense and paying well grounded looking sites and lost money - these guys are great and I will have no problems returning here in the future. I wonder if the can sort my Iphones - 3G and 3GS? Hmmmm.

Sat Oct 27 1:00:45 MST 2012



Got my unlock code. Worked perfectly. thanks much

Fri Oct 26 4:44:54 MST 2012



I have see lots of websites advertising unlocked for ridiculous prices. I was skeptical about my privacy and giving out credit card information to any website. felt genuine and I took a chance. To my pleasant surprise, the price for unlocking my HTC was a third of what other websites were charging. Then I saw the trial pay option and I used it to get an instant offer and my unlock code arrived in my email in about 15 min for free. Everything was seamless. Beautiful execution of services. Definitely recommend it. You wont be sorry.

Thu Oct 25 6:59:55 MST 2012



I need a unlock code for my HTC merge

Wed Oct 24 20:31:29 MST 2012



Simplemente genial!!! Es mi segunda vez utilizando el servicio, todo muy rápido y simple. Gracias otra vez!

Tue Oct 23 14:53:51 MST 2012

Damian Gonzalez


Muchas Gracias!!! Excelente servicio. Me enviaron el codigo en 10 minutos, y funcionó perfectamente. Muy recomendable. Pude pagar con Paypal, liberé mi telefono desde casa, sentado y en diez minutos!!! Gracias de nuevo!

Thu Oct 18 14:31:02 MST 2012

Damian Gonzalez


Excellent customer service, very courteous and helpful.

Mon Oct 15 13:18:19 MST 2012

Ibn Ahmed


Thanks for a really great service. Code worked first time .... and we got a great offer via TrialPay too.

Tue Oct 9 17:05:13 MST 2012



[SUCCESS!] The first 4 numbers I received did not work, so I was a skeptic thinking that this was some sort of a fraudulent website. Upon e-mailing them, they quickly responded with a new set of number and without a problem I had unlocked my phone. And for free (I signed up for Hulu Plus, something I wanted to sign up for anyway). Thank you for your help.

Fri Oct 5 6:28:21 MST 2012

Boki K. C.


I'd like to say "NICE JOB" to everyone there thank you for unlocking my phone works like a charm I was debating on using free or purchasing either way was a good deal but have the bonus of Netflix thanks...

Tue Oct 2 15:33:01 MST 2012

Don Dzenkiw


good deal and excellent support Thanks

Sat Sep 29 16:16:39 MST 2012



Excellent service. It worked perfectly! I do recommend use this service

Tue Sep 25 13:27:10 MST 2012



I have to say - I'm really impressed! I was skeptical of finding a website to unlock my phone for free - but there is nothing to worry about here! I signed up for netflix which was easy and I wanted to do it anyway.. I confused myself by not correctly copying down the IMEI number, and contacted customer service last night asking why I couldn't unlock my phone (didn't realize it was my own confusion). They got back the by the morning, were so friendly, processed my unlocking manually and all in all it only took one day, probably longer than normal because I copied my IMEI number incorrectly. Really fast! Thanks so much!

Sun Sep 23 21:45:31 MST 2012



I would really like to say thank you for the GREAT service!!! Your response was very quick. This website is the best and most secure place for you to get unlock codes for your mobile phones Again thank you soooo much!

Fri Sep 21 18:27:42 MST 2012

Jennifer Wesbrook


Brilliant service. Unlocked 2 HTC phones and when I couldn't login to get the 2nd code, customer service dealt with the matter very quickly and without any fuss. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend freeunlocks to friends and family and wish I'd found the website sooner.

Tue Sep 18 14:10:27 MST 2012



Got the unlock code for HTC One X under 10 minutes and it works. Cheapest service online. Would recommend to anyone.

Sun Sep 16 12:06:45 MST 2012



Thanks for yuor free service

Sun Sep 16 6:29:20 MST 2012

Carl Netron


MY fault that I didnt get the code sooner, my browser was the problem! As soon as I tried a diff browser, voila! Thanks for a great service!

Sun Sep 16 6:14:14 MST 2012



Got my unlock code. Worked perfectly. Many thanks

Tue Sep 11 9:13:14 MST 2012

chris blofield


Tried another website and eBay with no luck ! Ended up here... :-) Paid, E-mail received, IMEI sent, 24 hours later and I had the CORRECT unlock code! I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised and can highly recommend their service. Thank you very much! Peace

Sat Sep 8 1:59:20 MST 2012



Hay Guy ! Thanks so much my unlock code was spot you have been a great service and I will use you and tell my pals to use you Cheers :-)

Mon Sep 3 5:59:38 MST 2012



just ordered a code for my HTC and i got it very quick. the code was working. i can just recommend this site. well done guys...

Sun Sep 2 0:52:17 MST 2012



thank you sooo much...great site

Sat Sep 1 23:07:36 MST 2012



this does actually work. you might not trust this website because it looks dodgy but i just got my bb bold 9900 unlocked for like 4 pounds. Very good, very happy. it works!

Fri Aug 31 6:04:32 MST 2012



Thanks for the great service. Got my code in 10 minutes and it worked first time. Highly recommended!!

Wed Aug 29 4:36:56 MST 2012



This site can't be praised enough, not only did they respond to my queery immediately but the codes worked first time and for a phone that other sites and city centre phone shops couldnt unlock. Once again thank you freeunlocks.

Mon Aug 27 7:06:41 MST 2012

Paul Harris


Great service, made me comfortable n easy from minute one, codes came promptly and phone was unlocked in an instant. I had a SIM from another network handy which is essential to unlocking. Suggest this necessity made clear on website? But great service really delighted :)

Sun Aug 26 15:44:06 MST 2012

peter anderson


Your service was fantastic and the price very reasonable.

Sat Aug 25 2:00:07 MST 2012



Thanks so much! I couldn't get the free trial pay offers to work but at $9.99 this site is the cheapest I've found for unlock codes! and whats better is that it worked! THE FIRST TIME

Thu Aug 23 20:47:35 MST 2012

Cole H


hi,thanks for this if it works!

Tue Aug 21 16:03:40 MST 2012



Thanks! I will post the site on face book.

Sat Aug 18 8:10:19 MST 2012



Thank you very much! I received my code for registering with casino for $25, my winnings cover it greatly :) Highly reccomend!

Thu Aug 16 5:54:52 MST 2012



A very professional team, quick response and unlocking the phone was very easy. will recommend all my friends to use them if required thanks. will surely come back to them if required...

Tue Aug 14 6:52:40 MST 2012




Sun Aug 12 21:32:42 MST 2012



Hello i need unlock code

Sat Aug 11 12:04:37 MST 2012



Very quick unlocking process and the $10 discount for taking a video was just awesome. Support was really quick and efficient with replies as well. I'll definitely recommend this site to my friends.

Thu Aug 9 8:09:23 MST 2012




Mon Aug 6 14:27:47 MST 2012



Unlocked instantly.....been told by two other unlock sites that codes could not be generated for this phone....superb service

Mon Aug 6 6:28:56 MST 2012

Neil R


thnks !

Wed Aug 1 17:40:38 MST 2012



Very fast response and quick and accurate unlock codes. Thanks Guys and keep up the good work!!!! :)

Wed Aug 1 10:41:48 MST 2012




Sat Jul 28 10:45:07 MST 2012

Adrean Boqdjiev



Tue Jul 24 9:46:18 MST 2012



Quick and free :D went for free trial with netflix. Unlock code was waiting for ages before I re-clicked the link and pasted in activation code and the NUC code was waiting for me :) successfully unlocked!

Fri Jul 20 13:47:05 MST 2012



Hi guys, I succesfully unlocked Motorola Gleam Plus,locked on Yoigo Spain. Please take care with the spaces in the codes as I initially considered the whole row a code, but there were two codes actually on the same line, separated by space. It worked perfectly on second try. Thanks for making the unlocking this easy for me.

Thu Jul 19 0:55:53 MST 2012



- OMG -

Wed Jul 18 6:50:00 MST 2012


Thank you for giving me the unlock code for my LG P500 Optimus one

Mon Jul 16 1:37:13 MST 2012

Jeffrey Dela Rosa


Very happy with the unlock code received. Thanks!!!

Sun Jul 15 13:58:50 MST 2012

Shaun Tainton


thanks for the codes

Fri Jul 13 3:02:04 MST 2012

kerwin jackson


Would highly recommend. I purchased a second hand HTC Wildfire that was locked to Telstra. Telstra wanted $70 to unlock it. Did some research and found these guys. Easy fuss free purchased and phone unlocked within the half hour, couldn't be happier and would highly recommend. Best $10 spend of the week.

Fri Jul 13 0:33:53 MST 2012



I love, and so far successfully I was able to unlock 2 of my phones. These guys truly stand up to their words in delivering the code timely and more importantly their email customer support is unbelievable!! These are my people to unlock any of my phone going forward and honestly I highly rate them for their prompt service!!!

Tue Jul 10 21:02:39 MST 2012



My provider asked me 76 euros to give me the code. Only 39.99 euros with FreeUnlock provide a lot of informations, the support always answered to the questions I had. I worried because after 10 days, I didn't have my code yet. Perry from the support asked me to wait 2 more days because the code was on the way to be delivered. And this is exactly what happened !! I received 4 codes (Ok, I have something to say about this : Yhe sony ericsson unlocking procedure is very poor in informations, I had to read on Internet to know which code to use when FREEUnlock sent me 4 codes : SPCK, NCK, NSCK and CCK codes. I think you should improve your "instructions section" for Sony Ericsson phones) I am very happy because I received my code almost on time, and it worked from the first try.. Thank you for your excellent service !!!

Thu Jun 28 14:14:59 MST 2012

Steeve T


Received the unlock code for my HTC Wildfire S within 10 minutes of submitting it. Entered the code, and my phone was instantly unlocked on the 1st try! Another excellent interaction with

Thu Jun 28 9:13:43 MST 2012



Thank you, thank you, thank you! Customer support was quick & responsive to my queries. My unlock code worked on the very first attempt. Excellent! Will recommend to everyone I know.

Thu Jun 28 8:50:19 MST 2012



Used this for the first time, Sounded completely unreal to get it for free in the first place, but it worked! And the code worked perfectly! Instructions were pretty straight forward, except that when I inserted a non-accepted sim and switched the phone on I didn't get a screen that shows me to enter the pin.Looking at the other alternate methods, I realised you could just dial 2945*#modelnumber# and that worked:D Awesome service!

Mon Jun 25 8:59:55 MST 2012



Very quick

Sat Jun 23 0:54:45 MST 2012

gina turner


Very quick, thank you

Fri Jun 22 12:37:06 MST 2012



I just used the service, browsed the free trials and actually found stuff I could use trials were free or about $10. Unlocked 3 phones 2 htc hd2’s and a blackberry. All codes came within 15 min or less. Great service, wish I knew about it along time ago.

Wed Jun 20 20:55:50 MST 2012

Jamie Phelan


liberar thank you

Tue Jun 12 9:50:33 MST 2012



Worked! I'm very grateful. Thank you!! I will definitely send my friends here. :)

Thu Jun 7 16:39:49 MST 2012



Thu Jun 7 7:56:26 MST 2012



This people does an awesome work. I have a problem writing the IMEI numbers (I wrote less than 15)and my status went to Failed forever. However I contact with the website, and in less than 5 min they replayed me. During the next half hour the exchange of email was continuous and in less than 30min I have my unlock code. Thanks Perry for your help and incredible well done work!

Thu Jun 7 3:48:05 MST 2012



Very Good Service

Fri Apr 27 6:42:05 MST 2012



Thank you very much, I really appricate your service and the great customer support.

Mon May 28 6:49:13 MST 2012



I AM VERY IMPRESSED!!!! A "$1" redbullmobile HTC Explorer using the Vodafone AU network has now been unlocked! Quietly Brilliant! I reckon my $1 phone might be worth a bit more now, lol. Signed up for the Quickflix Offer. Required my Credit Card but all legitimate, no risk. Tested my Optus, even my Indonesian sim card! Cool Bananas! Thanks SO SO SO much!

Fri Apr 27 7:15:26 MST 2012



Excellent service and good communications re progress. Code worked at second attempt. Many thanks

Mon May 28 6:50:51 MST 2012

John Gow


This generated the code that I needed for free. All that I had to do was just sign up for an ad, was a bit hesitant but it worked perfectly. Guys try this place out, neednt spend your dollars on stupid sites where they charge you for the codes. It worked perfectly for me

Mon May 28 6:52:33 MST 2012



Excellent, quick and efficient, worked first time, got the code within 5 mins of email, thanks guys, will deffo use this service again 10/10

Mon May 28 6:53:31 MST 2012



Best service ever....i really hope to use you\'r services again

Mon May 28 6:56:54 MST 2012



this really works...bloody marvalous..good quick service too exelent

Mon May 28 6:58:24 MST 2012



Really quick and easy service. I needed to unlock a HTC wildfire on t-mobile so I could use it with my 3 simcard. I used the trialpay option and did one of the offers which was free, and then cancelled it before the free trial ran out, so the code cost me nothing. It arrived within about 2 hours, and worked first time. The phone works perfectly. I was dubious about using the site as I am wary of scams etc but everything went completely to plan, and I saved the £15 t-mobile wanted to charge me to unlock!

Mon May 28 6:10:07 MST 2012



Fantastic service worked first time without a problem.worked the first time and will highly recommend anyone to use this service.

Mon May 28 7:06:25 MST 2012



Yeah, it actually works quick and easy

Mon May 28 7:07:44 MST 2012



I paid with Paypal. Got the code 5 minutes after sending the IMEI for my HTC Incredible S. The unlock code worked without any issue. The instruction are really simple. I really recommend this service to everyone who which to unlock their phone! For only 10$, it\'s really cheap!!!

Mon May 28 7:08:32 MST 2012



Hello..... My name is ravi. and i was used your freeunlocks site to unlock my device. its very easy. i appeciate your work. Now i have another device to unlock. I am unable to find my device in your given list of mobiles. please provide me some link to unlock my device.

Mon May 28 7:17:07 MST 2012



Me and my partner got a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S each on Vodafone (Spain) so obviously they were locked. I contacted Free Unlocks who quoted a price to unlock the phones which I paid by PayPal. It transpired within a few hours that these phones are pretty complicated to unlock and so they asked me for an extra $6 for each phone (or a full refund - my choice). I paid the extra and received my codes within 10 days. Bear in mind this was all over the Christmas period - I am sure the service is normally much faster. The emails I received during the process were clear and informative. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone. The price I paid was about the same as

Mon May 28 7:21:05 MST 2012

Richard H


Just want to say thank you all for the wonderful service! Really appreciate how quickly I received my unlock code! You\'re great, would surely recommend your service to a friend! Thanks again!

Mon May 28 7:27:50 MST 2012

Tom Egan


Free Unlocks is the best unlocking site in the WORLD to me. The offer was so easy to do and took only minutes. I love this website that helped me unlock my HTC HD2 LEO for free. I will recommend this to my friends.

Mon May 28 7:28:43 MST 2012

Aaron starblaze808


awesome the code was sent after i did the trialpay offer i unlocked my samsung captivate for free and with out messing ne thing up i was sketchy thinkin it wouldnt work but my fone is now on simple mobile workin gr8 and whole lot less bank den att lol tysvm freeunlocks :D

Mon May 28 7:34:38 MST 2012



I was amazed by this site , 1st i was a lil sketchy but i used trialpay to get the free codes which trialpay was gr8 as well , so i did the offer and waited the time for freeunlocks to find the code , so the email came and the code worked first try didnt have to reboot or ne thing my samsung captivate fone said enter sim unlock network code so i did then my fone said code unsuccessful then a sec l8r i heard a txt msg come in and it worked i recommend freeunlocks to every one :D

Mon May 28 9:08:30 MST 2012



Brilliant. Took 15 minutes from discovering website to unlocking phone. Best $30 spent on a phone.

Mon May 28 7:39:43 MST 2012



Thankyou so much , it was quick and surprisingly easy , i am very happy with this :) At first i wasn\'t too sure whether it would work or not after searching for a free quick service for a while but i gave it a go and im glad i did! it gives you 3 codes , the first of mine didnt work and i immediately thought id wasted my time with this but i did the second one and when it said code accepted i was thrilled! so thankyou once again

Mon May 28 7:41:53 MST 2012

rhianna greene


I have to say, I was very skeptical at first...there is just so much crap on the internet. I used this service through trialpay not once, but twice for two phones. The first one worked without a problem, but the second one had issues. I was EXTREMELY surprised when I got an email almost immediately from Adam telling me of the problem and that he would work with me to resolve it. He did as he said. We emailed back and forth for about a half hour and he finally got to the root of the problem and got me my second unlock code. Please don\'t hesitate to use their service. You will NOT be disappointed. Thank you Adam!!!

Mon May 28 7:43:29 MST 2012

Carl Huston


I had no problems with getting my codes in a very timely manner. When i went to get my second code there was some sort of gliche but i sent an email and it was fixed right away. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to get an unlock code.

Mon May 28 7:45:07 MST 2012

yvette rodriguez


Hi, I have just unlocked my HTC Wildfire phone at first chance and without any trouble. It was locked to Telstra (Australia). I received the code within minutes. Happy :)))

Mon May 28 7:45:34 MST 2012

Tanvir Hossain


Short: Free, Risk Free, Best Support(wait a little), Works! Hi to all! I\'ve bought G1 on ebay, and it was locked to T-mobile, I\'ve tried to find free unlock, and in the hundreds found video on youtube, where someone describing unlock with this site. I understanded why it\'s genuine because that someone said you\'ll need to participate in the one trial offer, and like he cancelled subscribition 15 minutes after, and it really is like this, I cancelled with No prob. Ok, about unlock, they\'re processed my trial pay thingy in around 30 minutes and then I\'ve received email with link, and my trial pay page was reloaded and gave me a link to where I can process the unlock code. Processed the unlock code and received and unlocked my HTC G1 in minutes.

Mon May 28 7:49:33 MST 2012



HTC Wildfire Network Locked to T-Mobile. TrialPay offer of PrimeScratchCards completed. Contacted support as had issue with Beta site but within a couple of hours my phone is unlocked! Recommend to everyone - Thanks Adam Andi

Mon May 28 7:50:16 MST 2012



I unlocked the phone successfully (Verizon Phone - Tmobile SIM card)

Mon May 28 7:51:45 MST 2012

Bianca Dusic


Brilliant service - unlocked my LG GT505 no problem and at a fair price (i paid the 9.99$ rather than the free option).

Mon May 28 7:52:11 MST 2012

Maxine Stuttard


I\'m so glad I found I had an older phone that I really liked and now I can still use it without going back to ATT(boo) Now all my friends and family know too! I\'m going to complete another offer for my girlfiend who has the same phone. Thanks Adam for your assistance.

Mon May 28 7:54:08 MST 2012

Richard Salinas


It was a wonderful expirence and I am looking foward to doing business in the future.

Mon May 28 7:55:22 MST 2012

Andrew Lopez


Great job on the unlock codes ... Good service

Mon May 28 7:56:58 MST 2012



Very fast and accurate service. The after-purchase entry screens are a bit basic but they work. I didn\'t like the corny \'free\' unlock and then you have to jump through all sorts of hoops of signing up for something or other and paying for it. So I paid the on-screen price which, incidentally, is less than half of other sites\' offering. Even though they advise 24-48 hours delivery, my code arrived immediately and it worked on the first attempt.

Mon May 28 7:57:45 MST 2012



Thanks for your help and quick responses! My phone is now fully unlocked. I\'m very impressed with your service and will be sure to recommend!

Mon May 28 7:58:27 MST 2012

Michael Elliott


i unlocked a bb curve 8520 hassel free, i received my code in under 5mins, sam was so helpful :) thanks unlock codes

Mon May 28 7:58:54 MST 2012



I am very happy with this service! I bought a used phone off of ebay and was able to get the unlock here. They provided great service!

Mon May 28 8:01:04 MST 2012

Tim Strauss


Worked like a charm (with a little help from Adam). Great stuff! =)

Mon May 28 8:01:40 MST 2012



Just unlocked a Samsung Jack - i637. Very easy, the phone was from ATT, I am on T-Mobile. Put in my SIM card, turned on phone, was prompted for unlock code. Your web site worked great - I like TrialPay - I signed up for eMusic. Support was great - thanks Adam!

Mon May 28 8:58:51 MST 2012



LG GM360 Viewty Snap If someone with my concentration problems can get it done then it proves how good your service is. Well worth the small fee for someone who can\'t cope with the offers. Thanks for all your help Adam. Will recommend.

Mon May 28 8:59:26 MST 2012

Tom Hensford


Adam delivered just as he stated he would. Not only that, it was quick. I will definitely do business with him again, and expound to all that this is a web cite you can trust. It is always nice to find someone like this......

Mon May 28 9:00:08 MST 2012

Jim Galliver


Adam - I could kiss you mate. Honestly at first I was expecting another apologies email advising me that my Nokia N97 that was locked to Three and again that was locked to three - but not anymore this phone is now unlocked with an easy instruction - if you can make outgoing calls or you love to text like me you can unlocked your phone too. This is not a scam, they are honestly running a good and friendly business. Tthe shops that offer to unlock your phone chargers you way more than this site. I lived in Sydney yesterday the shop offered me $85 to unlocked my phone I knew they were dodgy. I chat to Adam late last night sent the money via paypal after working out the price. He explained to me that although he usually gives free unlock codes upon completion of a free offer that he was unable to do it for this model. His service was so friendly, so I offerred to pay him instead. Got my code today. Thank you very much Adam.

Mon May 28 9:00:40 MST 2012

Josh T


thanks Adam.....youre the best!

Mon May 28 9:11:46 MST 2012



Unlocked my phone so easy would and will recommend this site to everyone very happy Thank you Andy !!!!!!!!!!!!

Mon May 28 9:01:39 MST 2012



Thanks Adam for the great service the unlock code for my HTC Desire worked perfectly B

Mon May 28 9:02:07 MST 2012



Excellent service. quick and timely response. Phone unlocked within minutes. Thank you again.

Mon May 28 9:02:39 MST 2012



amazing! unlocked within 4 hours!!!! thank you

Mon May 28 9:03:12 MST 2012



Thanks for all of your hard work & efford towards helping me with my phone. Awesome dedication, very prompt, as well as helpful & friendly.

Mon May 28 9:04:19 MST 2012

Stephanie T.


ya have a good service,and i can get the unlock code immediately, its very easy and the support will give us the guide, can try it as well :)

Mon May 28 9:05:08 MST 2012



It worked! Fantastic! Thank you so much! -Kevin

Mon May 28 9:05:49 MST 2012