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This was Great. It Worked i got my code. Etc. Worked out perfectly. Wed Jul 23 18:48:31 MST 2014

Jacobwitt Guestbook

Very good product i got my LG E400F mobile phone free to use other network and cheaper rate on phone call thank you so much Sun Apr 27 21:51:09 MST 2014

Boonchusiwa Guestbook

Thank youThu Apr 17 8:59:06 MST 2014

Dusan Guestbook

Perfect!! Works great! For free and fast! No complaints! :)Mon Apr 7 10:23:40 MST 2014

Jon Guestbook

(Desde Argentina) Funcionó correctamenteSun Mar 30 20:20:58 MST 2014

Omar Guestbook

Funciona mesmo! Obrigado já me poupou 39€ na operadoraWed Jan 8 15:15:38 MST 2014

Luis Lopes Guestbook

I AM SERIOUSLY SO FREAKIN HAPPY; THIS SITE WORKS. go with the free offer; and then lie or bullshit on one of the surveys; AND YOU GET THE CODE I AM SO EFFIN HAPPY ASDFGHJKL:Tue Jan 7 20:13:39 MST 2014


I can't believe that this actually worked! After seeing soo many ads for stuff on the net I am pretty suspicious of these sorts of propositions. I decided to give it a go and paid the $13US to get the unlock code. maybe 10 - 15min after paying and entering the IMEI, I had a working code! Much cheaper than the $100 Telstra wanted to charge. Good Work Guys!Sat Dec 21 3:00:39 MST 2013

Cameron Parker Guestbook

Awesome service, quick and functionalSun Dec 15 1:35:42 MST 2013

Eduardo Guestbook

I just wanted everyone to know just how fast and easy it was to apply the code tyo my phone and it was opened. As easy as one, two and three. I want everyone to know you will be very pleased with the results.Fri Dec 13 1:14:28 MST 2013

Alysia stewart Guestbook

Great Job.. Works Great!Thu Aug 29 19:33:04 MST 2013

Joey shurtleff Guestbook

Brilliant site!! Excellent service! Special thanks to go to Dani from customer services! Thanks again!Fri Aug 23 2:25:40 MST 2013

Minnie Guestbook

Worked perfectly, haven't waited more then 10 minutes for the code to come via email. Great service for a reasonable price.Fri Aug 16 11:41:20 MST 2013

Simon Guestbook

Trusted,safest and fast unlock service provider in the internet.I have unlocked two models in this websites.Thu Jul 18 22:11:17 MST 2013

Mohammedfazil Guestbook

I´ve unlocked 2 phones without any problems the codes still working by first tryout !!! there´s a great custom service by chat on the site like to say thanx this way and a special greetz to PERRY - best chat communicator ever !!! greetz u all from germanyWed Jul 3 2:45:08 MST 2013

Kalle Guestbook

I want to thank you for the code to unlock my phone. Im from portugal and you did anything to help me. Thanks a lot. You are the best company and website ever.Thu Jun 13 3:36:29 MST 2013

Elisabete Guestbook

I mis-typed my email address when I made the order. customer support was able and willing to send it to the proper email address with instructions even I could understand! Wicked service, and they even answered my emails on a long weekend. THanks so much! I love my new phone!Mon May 20 0:43:37 MST 2013

Ryan Guestbook

Satisfied with the response and help.Sun Apr 21 15:22:50 MST 2013

Charles Turinek Guestbook

I was very VERY skeptical about this site. Especially when after I paid it just said waiting. Being as impatient as I am, I automatically thought I got jipped. So i went around the site looking for reviews and saw alot of happy customers n one person that said theirs took 20mins. So waited ... n waited . It took 16 mins but I got the code. n it worked !! Thanks !! I didnt want to be phoneless anymore . LolMon Mar 4 20:42:30 MST 2013

Rasheeda Guestbook

From the time my payment went through and the time I got the CODE it tooks 8 minutes... and the code worked :D :D :D Thanks so much ... You made my day :Wed Jan 9 15:29:11 MST 2013

Pedro Guestbook

After many hours of trying to find an unlock code-you guys were the best!!!! No hassles, fast service and easier than I thought!! I will definately be back---THANKS AGAINThu Nov 8 22:41:13 MST 2012

Mindy Guestbook

Simplemente genial!!! Es mi segunda vez utilizando el servicio, todo muy rápido y simple. Gracias otra vez!Tue Oct 23 14:53:51 MST 2012

Damian Gonzalez Guestbook

Good deal and excellent support ThanksSat Sep 29 16:16:39 MST 2012

Tarek Guestbook

Hi,thanks for this if it works!Tue Aug 21 16:03:40 MST 2012

Rex Guestbook

Thank you for giving me the unlock code for my LG P500 Optimus oneMon Jul 16 1:37:13 MST 2012

Jeffrey Dela Rosa Guestbook

Used this for the first time, Sounded completely unreal to get it for free in the first place, but it worked! And the code worked perfectly! Instructions were pretty straight forward, except that when I inserted a non-accepted sim and switched the phone on I didn't get a screen that shows me to enter the pin.Looking at the other alternate methods, I realised you could just dial 2945*#modelnumber# and that worked:D Awesome service!Mon Jun 25 8:59:55 MST 2012

Indria Guestbook

Yeah, it actually works quick and easy

Mon May 28 7:07:44 MST 2012

Mike Guestbook

Just want to say thank you all for the wonderful service! Really appreciate how quickly I received my unlock code! You\'re great, would surely recommend your service to a friend! Thanks again!

Mon May 28 7:27:50 MST 2012

Tom Egan Guestbook

Brilliant service - unlocked my LG GT505 no problem and at a fair price (i paid the 9.99$ rather than the free option).

Mon May 28 7:52:11 MST 2012

Maxine Stuttard Guestbook

I\'m so glad I found I had an older phone that I really liked and now I can still use it without going back to ATT(boo) Now all my friends and family know too! I\'m going to complete another offer for my girlfiend who has the same phone. Thanks Adam for your assistance.

Mon May 28 7:54:08 MST 2012

Richard Salinas Guestbook

It was a wonderful expirence and I am looking foward to doing business in the future.

Mon May 28 7:55:22 MST 2012

Andrew Lopez Guestbook

LG GM360 Viewty Snap If someone with my concentration problems can get it done then it proves how good your service is. Well worth the small fee for someone who can\'t cope with the offers. Thanks for all your help Adam. Will recommend.

Mon May 28 8:59:26 MST 2012

Tom Hensford Guestbook