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First rate, I had my code within 3 Minutes and it worked just great, will use again thanksWed Jul 16 5:26:15 MST 2014

Colin Guestbook

The unlock code came in instantly after my purchase. The unlock code was ready as soon as I logged onto the site via the link in the sent email. I am thoroughly impressed by the services provided by this site. Thank you very much!Mon Jul 14 17:00:00 MST 2014

Steven H Guestbook

Very quick and easy to use. Signed up with William Hill and placed a bet on the World Cup to cover the cost. Thanks!Sun Jul 13 4:28:57 MST 2014

Craig Guestbook

It was just instant.....I was soon as I paid, I got the link with code delivered....awesomeWed Jul 2 8:53:46 MST 2014

Mannan Guestbook

Great site, got the code for my HTC Sensation in seconds and it worked perfectly. Didn't bother with trial pay, paid my $10 and moved on. I wonder why the carriers are such dickheads about unlocking....anyway it allows for a business like this to thrive.Tue Jun 24 21:03:46 MST 2014

Neil Guestbook

Very goodSat Jun 14 10:47:36 MST 2014

Jason Guestbook

This is my 2nd flawless experience with FreeUnlocks. Trustworthy and very fast service. Highly recommended! Tue Jun 3 3:42:36 MST 2014

Paul Guestbook

Thank you so much! You saved me a few hundred dollars on a new phone.Mon Jun 2 20:26:14 MST 2014

April S Guestbook

Vodafone tried to charge me £20 to unlock and just gave me delays. Your code worked for less than a 3rd of that. Quick too. Thanks.Fri May 23 3:31:28 MST 2014

Pete Guestbook

I like this site alot...very helpfulFri Apr 11 11:54:37 MST 2014

Melissa wink Guestbook

Great site and quick response! My wife and I both got our codes in seconds and worked perfectly! This site is awesome and works!Fri Apr 11 10:43:55 MST 2014

Khalid Harris Guestbook

Looked around the net for some feedback for this site and found mixed reviews but i must say i found it extremely easy to use and the trialpay i chose was absolutely free as i could cancel after 2days with no charge so i would reccomend this site to anyone wether you are wanting a free unlock or are willing to pay for your codes i give 10/10 !! easy to use prompt and totally free awesome thankyou !!!Mon Apr 7 12:42:34 MST 2014

Donna thompson Guestbook

Excellent service for $11.00 AUD great.Sat Feb 8 19:43:43 MST 2014

Paul Flangan Guestbook

Worked like a charm, it wasn't as fast as I thought it would be but it was well worth the money. I will be using their services again to unlock the rest of my phones. Thu Jan 23 20:13:01 MST 2014

Checkeredbob Guestbook

Well done,good work,nice price!Thank you!Thu Jan 23 0:17:35 MST 2014

Ingus Guestbook

This is a very good serviceThu Jan 16 20:37:35 MST 2014

Db downsick Guestbook

Thanks a lot!Wed Jan 8 8:10:25 MST 2014

Test Guestbook

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! What a wonderful service and an effortless unlock procedure. Highly and completely recommended. God Bless!Sun Jan 5 2:19:57 MST 2014

Mani Guestbook

I'll be honest, I gave up hope. But I was wrong.. you have to believe in people and keep your faith. Thank you! (They will keep their word) Thu Jan 2 0:25:24 MST 2014

Jamie Guestbook

You made my unlock experience so simple and will definitely do business with youTue Dec 17 17:24:35 MST 2013

Paul Guestbook

Great service and please keep up the good customer service. My unlock experience went like a breeze. Very easy and will definitely do business with you . THANK you. Tue Dec 17 17:21:02 MST 2013

Paul Guestbook

Just purchased the unlock for the HTC Windows Phone (T8788). Went quickly and worked perfectly. I was skeptical about this process, but I'm glad I went for it! Nice new Windows Phone is now working perfectly on the StraightTalk service :)Fri Nov 29 12:12:00 MST 2013

Ryan P Guestbook

£6 6mins job done Many ThanksThu Nov 7 10:55:35 MST 2013

Andy Guestbook

Excellent service did exactly what it said on the tin. I followed the easy instructions one by one got my e mail and unlock code put the unlock code in and works perfectly. Thank you very much indeed.Tue Nov 5 14:19:19 MST 2013

Dave Guestbook

[Success!] i had really hard time with phones and unlocking because its hard to trust most of sites and i say to my self before 30 min i want to try this site so i say 9.99 for unlocking is too good to be true but after i pay for it in 5 minutes i see locking code in my email inbox i say to my self again " it can't be true" and i enter the code into the phone and WOW its unlocked and free guys you are the best and for me its the best site i ever see easy and fast easy steps not hard only pay or do free and wait less than 5 minute and you will get your code guys keep the good work and god bless you all Ammar Hendawi

Tue Nov 19 21:05:49 MST 2013

Ammar Hendawi Guestbook

Got my code in under 10 minutes and it worked perfectly! Fri Oct 18 18:41:16 MST 2013

Cam Guestbook

I have a htc phone and it cost me free to unloc it. it was on vodaphone but i can use it ee free unlock it only took them 40 mins and they e-mailed me my unlock code for my htc phone and the best thing is it was free and didnt cost me a penny nice-one free unlock there web site is Oct 10 16:38:23 MST 2013

Lee rowarth Guestbook

I found this site very easy to navigate and great help when asking questions as they replied very quickly which gave me a sense of security. I will definitely be returning to unlock other phones.Mon Oct 7 9:13:32 MST 2013

Teresa o donovan Guestbook

Awesome! Got my unlock code within an hours time! Thanks so much!Tue Oct 1 13:07:13 MST 2013

Chavon Guestbook

Unbelievable!!! I try many websites and is the only one who unlock my phone successfully! In only 2MN... Thank you do much, you'rd the best!!! ;-)Tue Oct 1 1:46:51 MST 2013

Lorenzal Guestbook

Quick and easy, Had to contact customer advisor Carlo but all was resolved.Mon Sep 30 18:47:54 MST 2013

OsmundRoad Guestbook

Got the code in 5 mins worked fine. Thanks!Sun Sep 22 13:51:21 MST 2013

Joe Guestbook

Completed one of the TrialPay orders, and it was verified about 10 hours later even though it said instant. After I submitted my IMEI, I received an unlock code 6 minutes later. At first it didn't work because I installed a custom ROM, but when I the stock AT&T ROM the code worked successfully.Fri Sep 20 19:20:38 MST 2013

WeirdG Guestbook

After ordering the code, I received a working unlock code within 15 minutes - everything worked as promised!Thu Sep 19 1:32:16 MST 2013

Alexander Guestbook

[Success!] Hello, first of all i still dont know if the website safe or not, but i can say that i got working unlock code for my phone in 30 mins and just for 9.99 USD. However today they asked 25 USD for unlock. Overall, very cheap, fast and IT WORKS

Tue Nov 19 21:16:34 MST 2013

Sifet Guestbook

Hello!!! i just want to shout out a big big big "THANK YOU" to the very very quick service. i am so satisfied with this. i was told unlocking would cost me more than 30 dollars but i got it done less than 10 dollars cant believe. i would like to recommend this site to everybody who wants fast unlocking for much cheaper. Sat Sep 14 11:08:16 MST 2013

Aanal Guestbook

Hi just got to say a big thank you . It worked first time HWV7YUThu Sep 12 18:58:51 MST 2013

Andrea Guestbook

Was uncertain as how genuine this site was, the experience was painless and easy to navigate and to have the phone up and running in no time was great. Keep up the good work. Cheers JimFri Sep 6 3:38:18 MST 2013

James ramsden Guestbook

Fantastic website courteous customer service and reliable even answered emails on a holiday definitely will do business againFri Sep 6 3:08:47 MST 2013

Robert gebhardt Guestbook

I just paid the $9.99 because I didn't feel like messing around with TrialPay. The unlock code arrived in 10 minutes or so, and unlocked my phone, as promised. Awesome.Mon Sep 2 9:50:20 MST 2013

Joshua Guestbook

Fast and it worked! I chatted with their customer service agent Carlo and they were more than helpful. And the best part? Free! Thank you!Mon Aug 19 9:00:56 MST 2013

Derrick Guestbook

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Got my code in less then 8 minutes and it worked GREAT!Tue Jul 23 15:48:39 MST 2013

Ashley Guestbook

Cheap, fast and working OK. Recommended!Sat Jul 20 6:21:54 MST 2013

Juan Rodriguez Guestbook

GREAT SERVICETue Jul 9 17:10:13 MST 2013

Glenn CURRENCE Guestbook

This is my 2nd time using freeUnlocks service. Both times the codes came really fast. I'd recommend all my friends to this site for unlocking.Thu Jun 27 0:18:04 MST 2013

Dave Guestbook

Wonderful service. ordered it with lot of suspicion. But it worked wonderfully well. thankyouThu Jun 20 23:01:33 MST 2013

Mani Guestbook

Best company and website I found in over two solid hours of research! Unlocked my AT&T HTC Inspire 4G in the US for around $4 via Trial Pay. Cheapest I could find elsewhere was $20 for this phone. There were a number of FREE options as well, but I opted to spend a little on a good deal. For my $4 I got my wife -- who is a teacher -- four hard-bound Dr. Seuss books for the kiddos! I'm now up and running on a T-Mobile MVNO. Had my code in less than 10 minutes. A++++Mon Jun 10 0:53:14 MST 2013

Ryan Guestbook

Wow...such great help provided, thanks perry..Sun Jun 9 6:29:42 MST 2013

Wayne Guestbook

GREAT SITE. used the free option saved myseslf 8 pounds thanksTue Jun 4 1:55:51 MST 2013

Liam Guestbook

Thankyou freeunlocks for a unlock code in less than 2 hours that worked perfectly. Don't bother with the "free" version pay the $9.99 / £6.45 for the paid version as it is cheaper than any high street or providers cost !! Simple to use with good instructions. HTC Wildfire was on 3 now Virgin.Thu May 30 12:50:32 MST 2013

Graham Guestbook