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Unlock code came right after my purchase. It took two minutes to complete and now i am using my newly unlocked blackberry! This website rocks!!!!!!Wed Jul 23 21:33:22 MST 2014

Jessica Guestbook

Great service. Very fast. Had my phone unlocked in 5 min. Would recommend service to others. Thanks!!!Mon May 12 18:57:51 MST 2014

Jeff Guestbook

This is my new favorite best unlocking service, super awesome customer service, almost instant unlock codes and prices that CANNOT be beat. I unlocked my cousins bb for her and she's elated. Keep up the good work freeunlocksWed Apr 23 20:46:51 MST 2014

Dan Welsh Guestbook

I wasn't quite sure about this webstie...but in the end it was really fast; I was really satisfied!Sat Mar 15 13:57:55 MST 2014

Liza Guestbook

Great service. Had a little problem with initial codes sent...received feedback and help immediately. In the end I was able to unlock my phone with no problem! Will use service again! on a plus...price was cheaper than other websites :). Thanks!Fri Dec 27 8:28:03 MST 2013

Evelyn Guestbook

Perfect Service, unlocked my UK blackberry in one try - really easy & straightforward step by step directions (not to mention one of the least expensive options to unlock your blackberry!) AWESOME! Sat Nov 16 20:07:09 MST 2013

AR Guestbook

In 20mins my BB Bold was unlocked for all operators. Thx for your serviceSat Nov 16 8:09:46 MST 2013

Ivan Guestbook

Free Unlocks site was very easy to use, as was Trial Pay. Be careful which company you choose as a trial; beware of scams. The unlock codes initially sent to me via e-mail did not work, but I was able to get a live representative on chat within moments, and in a few short minutes he got me the correct code, and my phone is now unlocked. Definitely recommended, just beware of trial sites as I said.Thu Sep 26 2:21:46 MST 2013

Nicholas Moroz Guestbook

The first codes received do not work, but the support team provide me the correct code after a few steps!!! Perry was my support engineer. Thanks!Sun May 19 21:15:11 MST 2013

Rogelio Guestbook

This site was awesome! Quick and easy and had someone help me every step through!! Will use this site again!!Mon Apr 15 20:27:30 MST 2013

Meaghan Guestbook

Brilliant service and so reasonably priced, the first set of codes did not work but the support guys were brilliant. They sent very clear instruction on what to do and helped me through to finally unlocking my phone. Brilliant!!Tue Mar 26 0:41:07 MST 2013

Simon Taylor Guestbook

This site and its staff works great!Fri Mar 22 6:37:22 MST 2013

Ken Guestbook

Did the free bit. iadmit I was skeptical,,,,Worked like a charm!!!Sat Mar 2 3:10:54 MST 2013

Clyde Guestbook

I just want to say thank you very much i am so happy its take only a few min and everithing was done i appreciate you guys very good and thank you again you maid my days thanks again from a happy girlss Sun Feb 3 21:11:41 MST 2013

Manon Guestbook

[SUCCESS!] The first 4 numbers I received did not work, so I was a skeptic thinking that this was some sort of a fraudulent website. Upon e-mailing them, they quickly responded with a new set of number and without a problem I had unlocked my phone. And for free (I signed up for Hulu Plus, something I wanted to sign up for anyway). Thank you for your help.

Fri Oct 5 6:28:21 MST 2012

Boki K. C. Guestbook

I would really like to say thank you for the GREAT service!!! Your response was very quick. This website is the best and most secure place for you to get unlock codes for your mobile phones Again thank you soooo much!Fri Sep 21 18:27:42 MST 2012

Jennifer Wesbrook Guestbook

This does actually work. you might not trust this website because it looks dodgy but i just got my bb bold 9900 unlocked for like 4 pounds. Very good, very happy. it works!Fri Aug 31 6:04:32 MST 2012

Yuval Guestbook

Thanks! I will post the site on face book. Sat Aug 18 8:10:19 MST 2012

Norris Guestbook

I love, and so far successfully I was able to unlock 2 of my phones. These guys truly stand up to their words in delivering the code timely and more importantly their email customer support is unbelievable!! These are my people to unlock any of my phone going forward and honestly I highly rate them for their prompt service!!!Tue Jul 10 21:02:39 MST 2012

MJ Guestbook

Thank you very much, I really appricate your service and the great customer support.

Mon May 28 6:49:13 MST 2012

Mohamed Guestbook

Thankyou so much , it was quick and surprisingly easy , i am very happy with this :) At first i wasn\'t too sure whether it would work or not after searching for a free quick service for a while but i gave it a go and im glad i did! it gives you 3 codes , the first of mine didnt work and i immediately thought id wasted my time with this but i did the second one and when it said code accepted i was thrilled! so thankyou once again

Mon May 28 7:41:53 MST 2012

Rhianna greene Guestbook

I unlocked the phone successfully (Verizon Phone - Tmobile SIM card)

Mon May 28 7:51:45 MST 2012

Bianca Dusic Guestbook

Very fast and accurate service. The after-purchase entry screens are a bit basic but they work. I didn\'t like the corny \'free\' unlock and then you have to jump through all sorts of hoops of signing up for something or other and paying for it. So I paid the on-screen price which, incidentally, is less than half of other sites\' offering. Even though they advise 24-48 hours delivery, my code arrived immediately and it worked on the first attempt.

Mon May 28 7:57:45 MST 2012

Paulvlk Guestbook

i unlocked a bb curve 8520 hassel free, i received my code in under 5mins, sam was so helpful :) thanks unlock codes

Mon May 28 7:58:54 MST 2012

Simone Guestbook

thanks Adam.....youre the best!

Mon May 28 9:11:46 MST 2012

Dott Guestbook

Excellent service. quick and timely response. Phone unlocked within minutes. Thank you again.

Mon May 28 9:02:39 MST 2012

Swapneil Guestbook