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My provider asked me 76 euros to give me the code. Only 39.99 euros with FreeUnlock provide a lot of informations, the support always answered to the questions I had. I worried because after 10 days, I didn't have my code yet. Perry from the support asked me to wait 2 more days because the code was on the way to be delivered. And this is exactly what happened !! I received 4 codes (Ok, I have something to say about this : Yhe sony ericsson unlocking procedure is very poor in informations, I had to read on Internet to know which code to use when FREEUnlock sent me 4 codes : SPCK, NCK, NSCK and CCK codes. I think you should improve your "instructions section" for Sony Ericsson phones) I am very happy because I received my code almost on time, and it worked from the first try.. Thank you for your excellent service !!! Thu Jun 28 14:14:59 MST 2012

Steeve T Guestbook

Me and my partner got a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S each on Vodafone (Spain) so obviously they were locked. I contacted Free Unlocks who quoted a price to unlock the phones which I paid by PayPal. It transpired within a few hours that these phones are pretty complicated to unlock and so they asked me for an extra $6 for each phone (or a full refund - my choice). I paid the extra and received my codes within 10 days. Bear in mind this was all over the Christmas period - I am sure the service is normally much faster. The emails I received during the process were clear and informative. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone. The price I paid was about the same as

Mon May 28 7:21:05 MST 2012

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Brilliant. Took 15 minutes from discovering website to unlocking phone. Best $30 spent on a phone.

Mon May 28 7:39:43 MST 2012

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