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Good service, sent me the unlock code quickly and it worked the first try. Thanks!Mon May 19 8:37:44 MST 2014

Christina Guestbook

Amazing and cheap..why let a shop rip you off when this is so simple to use! My phone they unlocked is a galaxy s5 but it wouldnt let me select it on the drop customer service too..well done guys :)Sat May 17 1:15:08 MST 2014

Louise Guestbook

Yes, this does work. I used trial pay and had to open an account with William hill online betting. The code was emailed to me in a matter of minutes and worked first time. Brilliant, Thankyou.Sun May 4 12:12:40 MST 2014

Robert Murray Guestbook

SalutSat Apr 26 15:17:30 MST 2014

Yasin Guestbook

Received 4 codes for Samsung Jack. Typed in the first code and Bingo the phone was ready to go!Thanks!!Fri Feb 7 6:23:58 MST 2014

Don Browne Guestbook

Thanks guys i was skeptical at first but glad i did do business with your company i got my code within hours quicker than the 15 hour guarantee put the code in and that's all she wrote. Was so excited i totally forgot to video it which was my intentions. Will definitely refer and do business myself with you guys. Again so pleased with my service. :-) Sat Jan 25 5:39:22 MST 2014

Danielle russ Guestbook

Well impressed my unlock codes were sent within ten mins of giving imie well impressed first code done the trick thankyou so much for your help, will defo recomened you to my friendsSun Dec 22 4:28:58 MST 2013

XxUltra-JxX Guestbook

Not working and not helpful company service no replaying emails Very disappointment for a serviceTue Jul 23 13:04:17 MST 2013

Mark Guestbook

Thanks for your help with my unlock, you have a wonderful day.Wed Jul 3 11:07:41 MST 2013

Carlos Maldonado Guestbook

Excellent Job. I have been receiving the unlock codes faster than I had expected. Thank youSat Jun 1 18:43:19 MST 2013

Liliana Guestbook

Great service i got my unlocking code after few minutes of my order and the code working perfectly, im so happy now because my phone unlocked Thanks freeunlocks team Mon Mar 11 11:08:48 MST 2013

John Guestbook

Thank you Tue Jan 29 6:32:44 MST 2013

Jim dandy Guestbook

Wooow what a wonder full website the unlock code i bought from this website worked with my my phone is out of the jail.i can move to any network i norway it costs 60 dollars to unlock my phone but here i only paid 25 dollars... thank you very muchWed Jan 2 13:04:39 MST 2013

Ali mohamed Guestbook

Thank you~Sun Oct 28 4:06:42 MST 2012

Daun Jeong Guestbook

Thank you sooo much...great siteSat Sep 1 23:07:36 MST 2012

Amy Guestbook

Great service, made me comfortable n easy from minute one, codes came promptly and phone was unlocked in an instant. I had a SIM from another network handy which is essential to unlocking. Suggest this necessity made clear on website? But great service really delighted :)Sun Aug 26 15:44:06 MST 2012

Peter anderson Guestbook

Thank you very much! I received my code for registering with casino for $25, my winnings cover it greatly :) Highly reccomend!Thu Aug 16 5:54:52 MST 2012

Valery Guestbook

Hello..... My name is ravi. and i was used your freeunlocks site to unlock my device. its very easy. i appeciate your work. Now i have another device to unlock. I am unable to find my device in your given list of mobiles. please provide me some link to unlock my device.

Mon May 28 7:17:07 MST 2012

Ravikumar Guestbook

awesome the code was sent after i did the trialpay offer i unlocked my samsung captivate for free and with out messing ne thing up i was sketchy thinkin it wouldnt work but my fone is now on simple mobile workin gr8 and whole lot less bank den att lol tysvm freeunlocks :D

Mon May 28 7:34:38 MST 2012

Ana Guestbook

I was amazed by this site , 1st i was a lil sketchy but i used trialpay to get the free codes which trialpay was gr8 as well , so i did the offer and waited the time for freeunlocks to find the code , so the email came and the code worked first try didnt have to reboot or ne thing my samsung captivate fone said enter sim unlock network code so i did then my fone said code unsuccessful then a sec l8r i heard a txt msg come in and it worked i recommend freeunlocks to every one :D

Mon May 28 9:08:30 MST 2012

Ana Guestbook

Great job on the unlock codes ... Good service

Mon May 28 7:56:58 MST 2012

Kris Guestbook

Just unlocked a Samsung Jack - i637. Very easy, the phone was from ATT, I am on T-Mobile. Put in my SIM card, turned on phone, was prompted for unlock code. Your web site worked great - I like TrialPay - I signed up for eMusic. Support was great - thanks Adam!

Mon May 28 8:58:51 MST 2012

Jeff Guestbook

amazing! unlocked within 4 hours!!!! thank you

Mon May 28 9:03:12 MST 2012

Paulie Guestbook

Thanks for all of your hard work & efford towards helping me with my phone. Awesome dedication, very prompt, as well as helpful & friendly.

Mon May 28 9:04:19 MST 2012

Stephanie T. Guestbook

It worked! Fantastic! Thank you so much! -Kevin

Mon May 28 9:05:49 MST 2012

Kevin Guestbook